DataWedge v2.02.03


What's new in version 2.02.03

DataWedge provides a convenient mechanism for non-scanning aware applications to receive data from embedded or connected data capture devices. DataWedge v2.02.03 builds on v2.01.02 to include the following new features...

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The download package for DataWedge consists of the following components:

Readme.html   This file
DataWedge User Guide.pdf   User Guide
DataWedge.exe \Bin\PPC Executable for PocketPC devices
DataWedge.exe \Bin\WCE Executable for Windows CE devices
DataWedge.cpy \Application CPY file used to copy the executable into the Windows folder \Application\Startup RUN file used to automatically launch the application at startup
No-Barcode.reg \No-Barcode Registry file to deactivate Barcode device
Deactivate-RFID.reg \Deactivate-RFID Registry file to deactivate RFID device
DataWedge.lnk \Link DataWedge shortcut file
DataWedge.cpy \Link CPY file used to copy the executable and shortcut into the Windows folder

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To install DataWedge so that it is launched automatically after a cold boot (clean boot for WM2005) , do the following:

  1. Unzip the DataWedge download package into a temporary folder on your PC
  2. If installing on a Pocket PC device, copy "\Bin\PPC\DataWedge.exe" from your PC to the \Application folder on the device
  3. If installing on a Windows CE device, copy "\Bin\WCE\DataWedge.exe" from your PC to the \Application folder on the device
  4. Copy "\Application\DataWedge.cpy" from your PC to the \Application folder on the device
  5. Copy "\Application\Startup\" from your PC to the \Application\Startup folder on the device
  6. Cold boot (clean boot for WM2005) the device

NOTE: For WT4090 copy "\Link\DataWedge.lnk" and "\Link\DataWedge.cpy" from your PC to the \Application folder on the device. This will enable easy access to the DataWedge menu by placing a shortcut in the Programs folder.

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Usage Notes

  1. MC 1000 - The user does not have access to the UI when using DataWedge on the MC 1000
  2. RFID - Support for RFID should be considered as beta; see known issues below

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Known issues

  1. RFID support can be affected by hardware and firmware versions
  2. On RFID devices with Platform version Plat0301074 DataWedge may not exit correctly; requiring a warm boot
  3. On RFID devices with internal WJ module DataWedge may intermittently fail to detect/open the RFID module
  4. The beep time in the feedback settings may not change the length of the beep on the PDT8100 WM2003 
  5. The barcode feedback dialog does not display the beep time and frequency fields on the MC50 WM2003. This is common to all other devices such as MSR and Serial for the MC50 
  6. In Auto-PIE mode, after PIE has popped up and keyboard is on, if you kill PIE and open another DataWedge dialog, keyboard area becomes inactive. User should hide the keyboard via "Hide Input Panel" to get around this problem.
  7. MC 3000 dialog windows may appear imbalanced and biased to the left side of the screen.
  8. If you check the option "Send keys only to Pocket IE" at least for one enabled capture device, data from all four capture devices are diverted to Pocket IE.
  9. MSR will not get re-established when the MSR DLL is changed to a different value and back.
  10. Using an external scanner with the ADP9000-110, when the mobile device is suspended, power is still active to the external scanner.  With the mobile device suspended, the scanner will continue to decode barcodes, but the data will never make it to the mobile device.
  11. Virtual COM ports do not contain an Index Number.
  12. For Pocket PC 2003 '\n' in prefix/suffix fields, should be replaced with '\r'  in most Microsft applications as '\n' is ignored or not transmitted in certain cases.
  13. In the MSR options dialog if you enable Re-establish connection on resume, will lead to DataWedge Disabling MSR on certain mobile devices.
  14. If you keep on opening configuration dialogs without closing them DataWedge may stop responding. The workaround is to warm boot the mobile device.

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Last revised: May 17, 2007

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