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Motorola 123Scan Program | Download

Motorola 123 Scan - PC Application to Program your Motorola Barcode Scanners

123Scan allows you to create 'rules' via the 123Scan application for 'Advanced Data Formatting' of your barcode data before it is sent to your host application.

For example, besides just scanning a barcode and sending the 'Enter' key on the end, your ERP system may require you to send the first character of the barcode, then a tab key, followed by the rest of the data and finally and 'Enter' key. The example below is for a rule to send all the data scanned, then an 'Enter' key followed by an 'Up Arrow' keystroke. To program the scanner print out the 'ADF Rules' and scan them into the Motorola barcode reader.


To create 'Advanced Data Formatting' rules is easy using 123Scan. Once you have created the 'rule', print out the barcodes and scan them with your Motorola scanner to program it.

123Scan works for any of these Motorola barcode readers:

  • LS1203
  • LS2208
  • LS4208-SR
  • LS4208-PR
  • LS4278
  • LS7708
  • LS7808
  • LS9208-SR
  • LS9203-SR
  • LS3578-ER
  • LS3578-FZ
  • LS3408-ER
  • LS3408-FZ
  • LS3008-SR
  • DS6707-DC
  • DS6707-SR
  • DS6707-HD
  • DS6707-DP
  • DS6708-SR
  • DS9808-LR
  • DS9808-SR
  • DS9808-DL
  • DS9808-LL


This is version V2.8 of 123Scan.


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