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Motorola 123Scan2 Program | Download

Motorola 123Scan2 - PC Application to Program your Motorola Barcode Scanners

123Scan2 is a new version of the 123Scan application that allowed you to create Advanced Data Formatting rules for your Motorola barcode readers.

Loaded with time-saving features and functionality, 123Scan2 will help simplify and reduce the time and cost associated with barcode scanner deployment. The easy-to-use Windows-based utility sports a simple graphic user interface (GUI) and a patented wizard tool to streamline the setup process.

123Scan2 can upgrade scanner firmware, check online for software updates, generate a multi-setting bar code for single scan programming, stage large number of scanners simultaneously, generate reports with asset tracking information and create custom products.

Features of 123Scan2:

Windows-based utility, graphic user interface (GUI), patented wizard tool
Simplifies and streamlines scanner configuration, reducing time and cost associated with set-up

Automatic monitoring of Motorola’s web site for new firmware
Helps ensure that scanners are running the latest firmware for peak performance

Automatic re-load of pre-upgrade settings
Preserves and automatically re-loads settings upon completion of a firmware upgrade, saving time and effort

Ability to automatically detect and establish 2-way communication with scanners, without scanning a barcode
Enables faster and more accurate staging

Automated collection of asset tracking information
Obtains serial numbers, model number, firmware version, date of manufacture and more, greatly simplifying asset tracking

Compatible with Microsoft Word, Access and other popular office tools
Enables users to save bar code configuration sheets as Word documents for easy re-branding, archive asset tracking data directly to Access and more

Comprehensive reporting capabilities
Helps ensure that tasks were completed properly 

Watch the one hour 123Scan2 product tour/tutorial:

123Scan2 offers new features and can automatically detect the new range of Motorola barcode scanners including: 

  • LS1203
  • LS2208
  • LS4208-SR
  • LS4208-PR
  • LS4278
  • LS7708
  • LS7808
  • LS9208-SR
  • LS9203-SR
  • LS3578-ER
  • LS3578-FZ
  • LS3408-ER
  • LS3408-FZ
  • LS3008-SR
  • DS6707-DC
  • DS6707-SR
  • DS6707-HD
  • DS6707-DP
  • DS6708-SR
  • DS9208
  • DS9808-LR
  • DS9808-SR
  • DS9808-DL
  • DS9808-LL


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Download 123Scan2 Utility

Click here to go to the Motorola website to download 123Scan2 - it is a 272MB download  


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