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Barcode Datalink What's New 2013

What's New in the World of Barcode Datalink in 2013

Motorola MC67 Mobile Computer

Barcode Datalink now has in stock the brand new Motorola MC67 mobile computer. It is the new and improved MC65 with more RAM, a faster processor and a tougher drop spec! More importantly the MC67 includes 900 MHz regional 3G support for Optus and Vodefone. The Motorola MC67 is backward compatible with all existing MC55/MC65 accessories. The Motorola MC55 and MC65 is still recommeded for customers that do not require the features of the Motorola MC67.

Barcode Datalink is offering existing customers a free trial of the new Motorola MC67 as well as a trade in for older MC55's and MC65's.

Motorola MC67 Mobile Computer from Barcode Datalink Motorola MC67 Mobile Computer from Barcode Datalink Motorola MC67 Mobile Computer from Barcode Datalink 

Call Barcode Datalink on (02) 9636-5299 to try out the most exciting Motorola mobile computer!


Motorola MC45 Mobile Computer

The Motorola MC45 is a huge improvement over the Motorola ES400 in terms of barcode scanning capability. Good news is that they share some of the same accessories like the battery and in car chargers. So if you have an intensive 1D barcode scanning application like stock taking, the Motorola MC45 is the right mobile computer for the task.

Motorola ES400 v Motorola MC45



Motorola RFS4000 and RFS6000

Barcode Datalink is growing and moving from strength to strength with regards to installing and supporting Motorola RFS4000 and RFS6000 wireless switches and networking infrastructure. This is because 2011 and 2012 took us by surprise by the number of large organisations investing in wireless infrastructure for their warehouse operations. 2013 continues with strong demand and Barcode Datalink can provide everything to make your warehouse wireless! We carry Motorola wireless infrastructure in stock and while others are quoting you a 4 to 8 week lead time we can supply the equipment to you same day.

Our services include:

  • RF site survey
  • Motorola RFS networking products
  • Data, power and all cable installation

When we leave you have a secure, reliable and scalable RF network with 100% coverage of your facility. And most importantly, backed up with a 2 hour turn-around time for onsite replacement should an RFS4000 or RFS6000 switch fail.


Motorola LI-4278 Cordless Scanner!

The Motorola LI-4278 is a new laser imager barcode scanner that offers great barcode scanning ability but at a better price.  


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