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Barcode Datalink What's New 2014

What's New in the World of Barcode Datalink in 2014

Software as a Service

Barcode Datalink now has three full time developers working hard to write great software solutions.

Our main focus is writing web based front end database solutions for common data capture problems like stock control and asset tracking.

The power of our solutions comes when you use a Motorola mobile computer connected to wi-fi and the internet to capture data in real time.

All transactions are saved to the SQL online database in real time as they happen, where they happen.

Barcode Datalink is currently working on STS-Assets. This cloud based solution will allow you to track your assets and know where they are. Using the Motorola MC65 or MC67 with a camera, you can now take photos of your assets as you audit them.

For more information contact us on (02) 9636-5299.

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