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Accu-dart Barcode Scanners

Accu-dart - Mobile Barcode Scanners for Accudart

If you are using AccountMate, Sage 300 ERP, Sage Pro ERP, (Sage Accpac) accounting software then Accu-dart will be an add-on solution worth considering.

What is Accu-dart?

Accu-dart is a software solution that is installed on your server and allows the warehouse staff to perform transactions in real time to the ERP system using hand held mobile computers. 

As you can see in the video your staff can use a mobile radio frequency hand held computer to perform the following tasks:

  • Item Inquiry
  • Collect Barcodes
  • Location Inquiry
  • Purchase Order Inquiry
  • Goods In
  • Sales Order Inquiry
  • Goods Out
  • Order Picking
  • Bin Transfer (Movements)
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Serial Numbers
  • Lot/Batch Control
  • Stocktake (Physical Inventory Count)

Barcode Datalink will work with your existing software vendor to provide a complete turn key solution. If you need to find an Accu-dart software partner Barcode Datalink has worked with and recommends the following here.

What software do I need?

What hardware do I need?

How long does it take to get up and running?

Accu-dart Resellers Barcode Datalink has worked with!

Accu-dart - more information and brochures

Barcode Datalink - Value Added Services 


What software do I need?

Accu-dart software is just an interface layer between a wireless barcode (radio frequency) hand held mobile computer and your existing accounting database. A typical Accu-dart software installation can be done within a few hours and there is no need to buy additional servers or databases. There is a "mobile app" for the hand held barcode reader and a PC application to manage the RF interface. Working with your Accu-dart software partner we will work out what modules and warehouse functions you need now and propose a path for future growth and expansion.

Step 1 in this process is to define what warehouse functions cause you the most pain or can benefit from real time processing now. The majority of errors in a warehouse is in order picking and shipping the customer the wrong product. Once order picking is sorted you may then consider goods receiving and putaway. Each business and different and we take the time to find out functions will improve your business sooner as well as provide a plan for adding more features as you become more comfortable and familiar with Accu-dart.

Accu-dart User Guide

Accu-dart Windows Mobile/PC User Manual

         Windows Mobile 5 Cab File (load onto Mobile Computer) 

Save this cab file to your PC. Then copy the CAB file to the mobile computer and run it to install Accu-dart for a Windows Mobile 5 device such as the Motorola MC9090 series.


What hardware do I need?

The first thing you will require is a proper radio frequency (RF) wireless network that provides fast and reliable coverage throughout your warehouse and office. Barcode Datalink recommends Motorola wireless networking products and have a range of wireless LAN solutions for small office/warehouse units to large warehouse sites with multiple buildings.

Wireless access points for small sites to network switches for large sites with many access ports.

Motorola AP5131 access point Motorola RFS4000 Wireless Switch 

Barcode Datalink can provide a Motorola wireless network that provides 100% coverage to your entire warehouse and we back it up with fast same day support should you ever have a problem.  Once a reliable Motorola Wi-Fi network is in place, you must now decide on a suitable wireless hand held barcode scanner.

Barcode Datalink has the Accu-dart mobile application running on the Motorola MC9090 mobile computer.

Motorola MC9090 Gun with Windows Mobile 5 

Barcode Datalink will provide the right mobile computers for your warehouse staff.


How long does it take to get up and running?

Technically to install Accu-dart can only take a few hours. But in reality there is preparation and planning that needs to go ahead first to make sure that the project is a success and achieves a payback within a timeframe you expect.

Step 1: define your requirements and be clear on what the Accu-dart software can and can't do.

Step 2: audit your current operation and how you work. With wireless mobile hand held computers your staff will work differently. Paper forms will gradually be phased out.

Step 3: engage your warehouse staff. Change will affect them so you want them to embrace this new technology and it will make their lives easier! Some will be scared of change and we have to help them through the process.

Step 4: audit your products and bin locations. Are they barcoded? Is the data correct and in your ERP system properly.

  • if you need bin location labels, Barcode Datalink can print them for you.
  • if you have products without barcodes, ask you supplier to label them otherwise you might have to as you receive them.

Step 5: do you have a reliable wireless network in place? Does it work in every area of the warehouse without drop outs?

Step 6: make a plan for staff training. Office staff need to know how to use the new PC interface and warehouse staff need training on the mobile computers and the new mobile application.

Step 7: going live typically means running the paper based system in tandem with the Accu-dart system since a piece of paper is their safety blanket. Once staff are comfortable and familiar with the Accu-dart system you can remove the paper based system. Be patient since the first week or two always has teething problems. Soon enough all issues will be resolved and once entrenched as part of daily work life your staff will wonder how they ever lived without Accu-dart.

Step 8: have a plan in place just in case you have technical issues and have to revert back to the paper based system.


Accu-dart Resellers Barcode Datalink has worked with!

Barcode Datalink has worked with the following Accu-dart resellers:

Enabling - Accu-dart Resellers Enabling NSW - 273 Alfred Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 Tel: (02) 9925-0383 -

Acacia Business Systems - Accu-dart Reseller Acacia Business Systems - PO Box 7185, Brookvale NSW 2100 Tel: (02) 9971-9009 -

ERP Business Solutions - Accu-dart Reseller ERP Business Solutions - Suite 8, 207 Great North Road, Five Dock NSW 2046 Tel: (02) 8752-6100 -

Barcode Datalink does not install or maintain accounting software. Barcode Datalink specialises in Motorola mobile computers and wireless networking solutions and works with Accu-dart resellers to provide a complete solution. 


Accu-dart - more information and brochures

Accu-dart has written some interesting articles and we would like to share these with you!

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Barcode Datalink - Value Added Services

Barcode Datalink can help you with anything barcode related including:

  • bin location labels (label printing service)
  • barcode label printers
  • blank labels and ribbons for your thermal transfer or direct thermal label printers
  • wireless networking and infrastructure
  • hand held barcode scanners
  • barcoding advice

 For an appointment, simply contact us or call (02) 9636-5299.