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AP5131 Mesh Networking Video

Mesh Networks with Motorola AP5131's & AP5181's

To mesh Motorola AP5131 access points together you will need the dual band radio version that comes with four (4) antennas for best results.

Part Number: AP-5131-13043-WWR (This code applies in Australia and may vary for other countries)

Meshing is ideal for situations where you have to extend the radio coverage and the area you want to get to only has power and no data cabling.

The first (or main) access point is installed near the warehouse office and is connected to your LAN via an ethernet cable. This access point does not provide coverage at the other end of your warehouse. But there is a power point there.

The second access point can be connected to the power without data cabling. Using the middle pair of aerials we can 'mesh' the first access point to the second. All we need to do is configure both access points.

Mesh Networking Example - read online or download a pdf or power point presentation - FAQ's

Motorola Mesh Networking Example PDF File Motorola Mesh Networking Power Point Presentation Example 3.5MB 


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