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DataDots: Protecting your Motorola Scanners & Zebra Printers

From April 1, 2010, Barcode Datalink will be applying DataDots to the Motorola mobile computers and Zebra barcode label printers that we supply our customers.

There are two main reasons for this.

1. To protect your asset from theft, so if found it can be returned to you

2. To ensure the warranty or 'Service from the Start' entitlement even if the serial number label has worn off


How It Works

Before Barcode Datalink delivers your new Motorola and/or Zebra hardware we will apply DataDots to the equipment.

Using our online ScanTrack Systems SaaS solution we will scan in the serial number of the device and the DataDot number and record that against your Company details. We will pass this information to DataDot Technologies who will add you to their register which the police have access to as well.


Warranty and Extended Warranty

If you send your hand held computer back to Motorola without a serial number, either because it has worn off or is missing, you will be charged for the repair on a time and materials basis even if you believe that it should still be under warranty.

With DataDots applied to the device, we can check our online database and find out the serial number. If there are no DataDots and no serial number you will have to pay for the repair.


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