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Zebra Mobile Label & Receipt Printers

Zebra mobile barcode label printers are a cost effective way to label products, cartons or pallets while away from a PC and stationary printer. The advantages of mobile labelling are:

  • the item is labelled correctly while the Operator is standing in front of it
  • labelling becomes part of the processing, ie goods in, putaway function
  • the Operator does not have to walk back to the office to get one label
  • the flow on affect that you can now scan the item when moving it or stocktaking
  • reduced errors from not knowing what the item is or not having a barcode to scan

The Zebra range of mobile label printers now includes a thermal transfer model, the Zebra P4T, that uses a ribbon making long lasting labels a reality. Prior to the P4T only direct thermal models were available. This line up is now:

QL220 Plus QL320 Plus QL420 Plus P4T RW220 Plus RW420 Plus
Zebra QL220 Plus 50mm (2") wide 203 dpi direct thermal label printer Zebra QL320 Plus 73mm (3") wide 203 dpi direct thermal label printer Zebra QL420 Plus 104mm (4") wide 203 dpi direct thermal label printer Zebra P4T 104mm (4") wide 203 dpi direct thermal/thermal transfer label printer Zebra RW220 (2") wide 203 dpi direct thermal receipt printer Zebra RW420 (4") wide 203 dpi direct thermal receipt printer

First, select the width of label that you have to print.

If you have ever been to a Woolworths store they use the QL-220 to print 48mm x 40mm direct thermal price reduction stickers for diary products approaching the use by date.

Many of our customers have the QL420 to print 100mm x 75mm pallet labels while others print 102mm x 150mm SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) labels.

Second, decide what interface you will need. The choices are:

  • RS-232 cable
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless radio frequency
  • Dual radios, Bluetooth and Wi-fi 802.11 b/g

A few years ago the best way to connect to a Symbol PDT-3100 or something similar was to use a serial cable.

Symbol PDT3100 is connected to a Zebra QL420 mobile printer via an RS-232 coil cable. Custom software was written for the PDT to send ZPL code to the QL420 by Barcode Datalink 

These days the best way to connect to a mobile computer, such as a Motorola MC3090 or MC9090 is via Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

Bluetooth allows only one mobile computer to print to the QL or P4T at a time. A wireless network printer can be shared amongst many mobile computers at the same time.

Motorola MC9090 prints to a Zebra QL420 mobile label printer over the wireless 802.11 b/g radio network


The Zebra range of mobile printers will work with the following ERP systems:

  • Pronto
  • SAP
  • JD Edwards
  • Baan
  • Unibiz

If your software vendor needs help generating ZPL, EPL or CPCL code to merge into their software we can help. All we need is the design of the label and we can generate the code. Or the programming user manuals can be dowloaded here:

 ZPL Programmers Reference Manual for Zebra printers

 CPCL Programmers Reference Manual for Zebra printers

 EPL Programmer Reference Manual for Zebra printers  

If you have to choose a language, my personal recommendation would be to use ZPL. I find it easier to use and understand and using Zebra BarOne V5.0 it can generate the ZPL code for you if you design the label using the WYSIWYG designer. 


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