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If you are looking for a barcode label printing solution to install in house so you can print your own barcode stickers when you need (on demand) then Barcode Datalink Pty Ltd can help you with the entire project from start to finish.

Barcode Datalink will:

  1. help you work out what you need
  2. provide options and alternatives to suit your needs and budget
  3. work out which is the right software to create the label designs
  4. link to your existing database or create a new Excel sheet or database for you
  5. install the software and barcode label printer
  6. provide training for your staff
  7. supply labels and ribbons on an ongoing basis
  8. provide support over the life of the equipment
  9. when the time comes offer an upgrade path and possible trade in for your old printer

Barcode Datalink has solutions for:

  • small businesses with low volume printing requirements
  • large multi-nationals with high volume labelling needs
  • garment industry - swing tags for clothing
  • nursery - water resistant synthetic barcode stickers for pot plants
  • and many others

As wireless networks become more common place Barcode Datalink has solutions for mobile label and receipt printing for a wide range of environments including retail and warehousing just to name a few. No your staff can label items then and there reducing potential errors and walking back to the office to get a label, making them more efficient.

Which barcode label printing solution are you looking for?

Desktop Barcode Label Printer

Pictured here is the Zebra LP2844 is a 4" wide 203 dpi printer with EPL - click the image to see all the Zebra printers Barcode Datalink has to offer    


Mobile Barcode Label or Receipt Printer

Zebra P4T 104mm (4") wide 203 dpi direct thermal/thermal transfer label printer - click here to see all the Zebra mobile printers that Barcode Datalink can offer you


Mid-range Barcode Label Printers 

Zebra ZM400 all round industrial printer suitable for a wide variety of applications at an affordable price - click to see other Zebra mid-range printers


Industrial Barcode Label Printers

Zebra 220 Xi Series - the largest barcode label printer you can buy - click to see all Zebra Industrial printers 


See our entire range of Zebra barcode label printers

 Zebra barcode label printer solution finder  

Direct Thermal Labels for Zebra printers Thermal Transfer Labels for Zebra printers Zebra Ribbons 


Not ready to buy your own barcode label printing solution just yet?

Barcode Datalink offers a label printing bureau. This is the most cost effective way to get started for the minimum expense and we make it easy.

Step 1: What size label do you need?

Step 2: What needs to get printed on the label?

Step 3: Send us a sample layout (hand drawn is ok) with the text, barcode, graphics

Step 4: We will print a mock up and we can scan the image and email it to you to have a look at and we can also post some samples over to you to actually stick on your products. If you are in Sydney, Australia you are more than welcome to come to our office and sit down with us and we can design the label together.

Step 5: Once the label design is approved, tell us how many you need and we can start printing them for you.

Simply, Quick, and easy on your budget!

 view some barcode label samples