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Symbol PDT-3100

Original silver Ni-Cd P/N: 21-36897-01, replaced by green Ni-MH P/N: 21-36897-02

Honeywell battery P/N: H3100-M, alternate to Symbol P/N: KT-12596-04R

Symbol PDT3100 Symbol PDT3100 Honeywell battery  Symbol PDT3100 Symbol battery (original)


Symbol PDT-6100

Symbol PDT6100  Symbol PDT6100 Symbol battery (original) 

Symbol PDT-6800

Alternative to Symbol Battery for PDT6800 Terminals (Part No # 21-55037-02).

Capacity: 600 mAh
Battery Chem: NiCd
Voltage: 6

Symbol PDT6800 Symbol PDT6800 Symbol battery (original)  


Symbol PDT-6846

Alternative to Symbol Battery for PDT6800 Terminals (Part No # 21-54348-01).

Capacity: 2000 mAh
Battery Chem: Li Ion
Voltage: 6

Symbol PDT6846 Symbol PDT6846 Symbol battery (original) 


Symbol LDT-3805

Uses Ni-Cad battery.

Original Symbol Part Numbers: 21-55037-02 alternate to 21-32801-02

And 21-52228-02 alternate to 21-32801-02

Honeywell version P/N: HC6800-C

Symbol LDT3805 Laser Data Terminal Symbol LDT3805 Ni-cad battery 




MC50 MC55 MC70 MC75

Motorola MC50 Motorola MC55 Motorola MC70 Motorola MC75        


MC3000 MC3100 MC9000 MC9500K

Motorola MC3000/3090 Motorola MC3100 Motorola MC9000/9090 Motorola MC9500K   


FR68   FR6000 Janam   M3      

Motorola FR68 Motorola FR6000 Janam M3 Sky