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  About Us  

Barcode Datalink is an Australian owned, Sydney based company operating since 1991. We have considerable experience implementing data mobility solutions for a vast array of clients, from small niche solutions to large scale solutions for multi-national companies.

When our director, Andrei, started the business he felt there was a lack in the industry of fully supported solutions for clients. Andrei still feels passionate about this today, in his words … “More often than not clients are sold hardware either online, or by some company looking for a quick sale, rather than first understanding the needs of the clients, then providing them with the right equipment and solution, and then continuing on after the sale with full support”.

Our policy has always been to make sure our clients purchase the right equipment for their business and ensure that your staff are fully trained and supported in using the hardware and software your business has invested their time and money in.

Bottom line, we are not in this business for a quick sale. We are interested in long term business relationships with our clients! 

Barcode Datalink will help improve your business with the implementation of a barcode system 


  Why Use Barcode Datalink?  
A ‘can do’ attitude.

With a “can do” attitude, Barcode Datalink excels in implementing tailored solutions to make your operations far more efficient than would be possible with purely off the shelf solutions. While others may hesitate, you will find us willing and able to solve challenging problems and implement complex solutions for you. We always find a way to make it work and deliver your solution in the best possible way.

Barcode Datalink can tackle complex projects and find a solution that meets your timeframe and budget 

We don’t sell. We make it work.

Other providers may be keen to sell you equipment but hesitant to undertake complex implementation work. Barcode Datalink is different, we focus on solutions, we don’t just sell equipment. We provide complete end-to-end solutions and take responsibility for making them work to deliver tangible results for you.

Barcode Datalink provides solutions that work 

Resourceful – we’ll seek out solutions you didn’t even know existed!

Do you have a specific need? Unique setup? Tricky requirements? Barcode Datalink’s extensive experience means we’ll always find the right equipment and deliver a workable solution to your problem. 

Barcode Datalink will search the internet and import solutions from around the world to help you out 

One point of contact

Technology solutions often require multiple vendors and suppliers. This can be confusing and extremely time consuming for you to deal with. Barcode Datalink project manages the supply and integration of all technology to:

  • Save valuable time by doing the technical due diligence for you
  • Find the most effective and efficient solution to meet your needs
  • Ensure you receive a fair deal from technology vendors
  • Manage the project to come in on time and on budget
  • Make it easy to understand each component of the solution
Solid track record and comprehensive experience

Barcode Datalink comes with a solid track record of implementing world-class solutions for multinational corporations. You can be absolutely confident we will deliver the best solution to meet your needs and match it with outstanding service and communication.

Responsive and responsible

All technology solutions can quickly place users at a disadvantage if they are not properly supported. That’s why we strongly believe in being available to support the solutions we’ve implemented.

As a small, flexible business, you can count on us to respond quickly to your needs and provide support on the same day to ensure smooth operation of your business.


  Contact Us  

Barcode Datalink Pty Ltd has moved to a new office as of January 1, 2016.

12 Preston Way
Berowra NSW 2081

Please call 0414 53 53 95

Phone system is currently being moved so the existing numbers wont work until reconnected.

Phone:  (02) 9636 5299
Fax:  (02) 9636 5399

Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

We look forward to hearing from you.




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