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DataWedge V3.X Install

How to Install DataWedge V3.X

There are two ways to install DataWedge onto a Motorola (Symbol) mobile computer. The first is to use a USB connection or if you have Wi-Fi, wirelessly to the device. This information applies to the following Motorola mobile computers:

  • MC55
  • MC65
  • MC75
  • MC3000 and MC3100 series
  • MC9000 and MC9190 series
  • MC9500

Download the DataWedge file.

Download DataWedge

Install DataWedge onto your PC.

Option 1: ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Centre

Make sure that you have a powered USB cradle and insert the mobile computer into the cradle. ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Centre should open (depending on your version of Windows).

Run DataWedge on your PC and the installer should run and ask you to install DataWedge on your mobile computer. On the Motorola device save DataWedge to the \Application folder. 

Option 2: Wirelessly download and install the CAB file

If you have a wireless connection, you can open Internet Explorer on the Motorola mobile computer and in the web address enter in: and press Enter.

To save typing, download and print out this PDF - you can scan the barcode straight into the address bar.

Open PDF & print

Watch this video on how to install DataWedge V3.X onto a Windows Mobile device.