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Discontinued Motorola Scanners

Motorola (Symbol) Scanners that have been discontinued & their new replacement

Discontinued Model Replacement Model
Barcode Scanners  
LT1700 Series LS2208
LS1900 Series LS2208
LS3070 LS3578
LS3603 LS3408
LS4000 Series LS4208
LS4071/4074 Series LS4278
LS5700 Series LS7708
LS5800 Series LS7808
LS6000 Series DS9808
Mobile Computers  
LDT3805 MC3000 or MC3100 
PDT3100 MC3000 or MC3100
PDT3500 (16 line LCD) MC3000 or MC9000 
PDT6100 MC3000 or MC3100 
PDT6800 (16 line LCD) MC9000 or MC9090 
SPT1500 MC55 
SPT1800 MC55 
SPT2700 MC75 
SPT2800 MC75 


Barcode Datalink still offers Symbol PDT/LDT programming services. We have a range of existing batch data collection application suitable for simple data capture requirements or we can customise a new program to suit your needs.

Those of you needing to upgrade we carry MC3000 and MC9000 series terminals in stock. On PDT's that are still working we offer a AUS$50 trade in for Australian customers who purchase new Motorola equipment from Barcode Datalink.

Call us on (02) 9636-5299 or try our new live chat (during normal business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday AEDST)