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Barcodes in Government

Barcode Solutions for Local Councils, State and Federal Government Departments

Barcode Datalink has helped a variety of local and state government departments implement barcode scanning for:

  • rate notice scanning
  • document and file tracking
  • asset tracking & management
  • stores inventory management
  • tool tracking
  • eCitations


Motorola Mobility Solutions for Government Applications

All over the world, Motorola is helping government agencies improve the overall safety and efficiency of the communities they serve — and the government workers who serve them. Motorola’s enterprise mobility solutions deliver information seamlessly to the hands of first responders and other agency personnel providing better information to support better decisions — and better outcomes. And with our technology that’s second nature, workers stay focused on the mission — not the technology. Read more...

Motorola application brief on how Government departments can rely on Motorola products & services 


Motorola Asset Management

Whether you need to scan bar codes or read RFID tags on boxes of office supplies and items on the warehouse shelves inside the four walls or enter information on bridges, roadways, street signs and more outside the office, Motorola’s mobile asset management solutions enable the easy, accurate and  cost effective tracking of asset location and status — with minimal administrative effort. Read more...

Motorola application brief on how Government departments can better manage their assets to better serve their communities

Motorola eCitations: Your Ticket to Increased Revenues & Productivity

While no one likes to receive a ticket, citation revenue is an important part of every city’s budget — especially critical for agencies struggling to maintain service levels for its citizens in the face of budget constraints. Motorola's mobile ticketing solution, known as more... 

Motorola application brief on how Government departments can reduce errors and increase revenue with eCitations


Inspections & Maintenance: Improving Government Field Service Operations

With a mobile voice and data device, inspectors can receive real-time work orders, access any pertinent history associated with the upcoming inspection, get directions to the next job site, check voicemail messages and return calls — all with a single device built for use in the field. 

Motorola application brief on how Government departments can use one mobile device for voice and data to improve inspections & maintenance procedures