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Jing - how Barcode Datalink makes our online training videos

Some of our customers have asked us how we produce our online videos. Simple - we use Jing.


Jing allows us to capture any part of our screen and using a microphone we can record our voice to explain what is going on.

To get the mobile device screen on our PC monitor, we use Pocket Controller Pro from Soti.



PocketController Pro allows us to connect to our mobile computer wirelessly and see the screen. Using Jing we capture only the mobile screen area and record our tutorial. We have found that a 2 or 3 minute video is much more acceptable to an end user compared to asking them to read a 50 page manual.

Typically manuals get lost and no one likes reading them. An online video is quick, easy to follow and always available online.

To get your videos online get yourself a ScreenCast account - which is free. Upload your videos to your workspace and then you can share them instantly (send a link via an email) or embed the html code to your web page, just like what we have done.


So for about US $51 we have all the software we need to create simple online videos. (and $40 for a Plantronics microphone).


The next step will be to use Camtasia Studio (from TechSmith who are the creators of Jing) to make more elaborate videos where you can edit the time line, add backing tracks, fade in/out and splice multiple videos into one awesome presentation.