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Motorola Keypads & Keyboard Types

Which is the best keyboard for my Motorola mobile (PDA) application?

In an ideal world the only thing you want your staff to key in is the quantity. However, in reality the barcode could be damaged or missing so they will have to key it in.

Lets start by looking at warehouse applications. To look at mobile devices for other applications

Are your bin locations and part numbers numeric, alpha or a mix of alpha-numeric?

What ERP system are you working with? SAP, Baan, Pronto, JD Edwards or something else?

Our most popular mobile computers for warehouse use are the Motorola range:

Motorola MC3000 Series mobile computers   Motorola MC9000 Series mobile computers, short brick, standard brick and pistol grip 

In 2010 we will start to roll out the:

Motorola MC3100 Series mobile computers Motorola MC9500K mobile computer Motorola FR68 mobile computer Motorola FR6000 mobile computer 


The Motorola MC3000/MC3090 Series

The Motorola MC3000 series mobile computer has three keyboard options. You have to buy the device with the keyboard you want since they are not changeable.

The MC3090 options are:

  • 28 keys
  • 38 keys
  • 48 keys 

28 keys - ideal for numeric data entry38 keys - ideal since 10 functions keys are easily accessible across the bottom with only one keystroke - suits SAP and Pronto ERP systems48 keys - ideal if you have alot of alpha-numeric data entry to do since the numbers are separate from the A-Z keys 

The 28 key keypad gives your operators easy access to the large number buttons. To enter any A to Z characters you have to switch to 'alpha' mode by pressing the 'ALPHA' button and then like on a mobile phone, to get a 'C' press the '2' button three times.

The 38 key keyboard is the most popular choice for Pronto, Paxar VendorConnect and SAP since the function keys are only one keystroke away.

The 48 key model offers you separate numbers and alpha keys so there is no need to shift the keyboard state to get the character you need. However, to get a function key you have to press the 'FUNC' key and then the 'A' for an 'F1' key. If you do a lot of alpha-numeric data entry then this keyboard is the easiest to use.

The brick and gun version are available with all three keyboards.

 to view the Wavelink keyboard maps


The Motorola MC9000 Series 

The MC9000/MC9090 series offers you the ability to swap keypads easily. All you need is a small philips head screw driver to undo the two screws at the top of the keyboard. Three options are available:

  • 28 keys
  • 43 keys
  • 53 keys 

28 keys - ideal for numeric data entry the keys are large and suit big fingers since they are not too close together 43 keys - ideal for telnet emulation applications since the function keys are easily accessible with one keystroke and the numbers are large 53 keys - suits intensive applications where there is alot of alpha-numeric data entry   

As with the MC3000 series, the 28 key model has large numbers and is ideal for entering in the quantity.

For SAP, Pronto and Paxar VendorConnect customers, the 43 key model is ideal since the keyboard offers one keystroke access to the function keys. The numbers are large and down the bottom next to a large enter key.

Finally, for data intensive applications where you want one keyboard state and the ability to enter in numbers and letters quickly the 53 key model is ideal.

 to view the Wavelink keyboard maps


The Motorola MC3100 Series

The Motorola MC3100 series shares the same keyboards as the Motorola MC3000 series. 


The Motorola MC9500 Series

The Motorola MC9500K (brick) version is now available and what makes this device stand out is the rich feature set. There are four user interchangeable keypads available.

Motorola MC9500K alpha primary keypad Motorola MC9500K alpha numeric keypad  

Motorola MC9500K calculator numeric keypad Motorola MC9500K telephony numeric keypad  


 for all the details on this amazing new MC9500K from Motorola. 


Mobile Computers for Non-warehouse Applications 

Barcode Datalink offers a range of mobile computers that are ideal for data collection both in the office and out on the road or in the field. Of course you can use these devices in a warehouse but typically the mobile computers in the warehouse section above are more suitable for daily use. Managers would typically use the devices mentioned below in a warehouse while they are there for random tasks. The mobile computers below are capable of being used as walkie talkies, mobile phones, have camera and video options and many other features. It is these features that are not required in a warehouse as to why they are not promoted for daily warehouse use.

The current range of Motorola mobile computers includes:


MC50 MC55 MC70 MC75

Motorola MC50 mobile computer - PocketPC-2003 Motorola MC55 Window Mobile 6.1 mobile computer with mobile phone option Motorola MC70 mobile computer with Windows Mobile 5.0 Motorola MC75 Telstra Next-G approved mobile phone for Australia   


The latest offerings from Motorola include the:

FR68    FR6000

Motorola FR68 Mobile Computer Motorola FR6000 Mobile Computer


Several other devices that we support include:

  • Janam PDA
  • M3 from Mobile Compia - works as a mobile phone and has RFID built in
  • Datalogic Jet - also has RFID built in


The Motorola MC50

The MC50 has two keypad layouts. A PIM and a Qwerty keyboard.

PIM keypad - use the on screen keyboard if you have any data entry to do QWERTY keypad small buttons do not suit users with large fingers sometimes easier to use the on screen pop up keyboard  

If you intend to use the MC-50 mainly as a Voice-Over IP phone then the navigator keypad on the left will suit you. However, if you intend to take orders out on the road or want to do a lot of data collection then the qwerty keypad maybe a better choice.


The Motorola MC55 

The new Motorola MC55 offers a numeric and a qwerty keypad.

Motorola MC55 numeric keypad Motorola MC55 qwerty keypad 


The Motorola MC70

The Motorola MC70 offers a numeric and a qwerty keypad.

Motorola MC70 numeric keypad Motorola MC70 qwerty keypad  


The Motorola MC75

The Motorola MC75 offers a numeric and a qwerty keypad.

Motorola MC75 numeric keypad Motorola MC75 qwerty keypad  


The Motorola FR68 Series

The Motorola FR68 only offers one style of keyboard: alpha-numeric.

Motorola FR68 qwerty keypad 


The Motorola FR6000 Series

The Motorola FR6000 only offers a numeric keyboard.

Motorola FR6000 numeric keypad 


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