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Label Placard | Easily Remove Labels

Easily peel off labels from any surface! Use the 'Label Placard' 

Barcode Datalink Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor for The Kennedy Group USA. The Kennedy Group manufacturers and distributes a range of RFID tags and label placard products. 

Which Container do you want in your facility? 
No Placard - What a mess! OR With the Placard - so nice and tidy!


What is the 'Label Placard'?

The PLACARD is the label holder that will enable you to repetitively label returnable/reusable totes, containers, drums and racking without the messy label and adhesive build up.

Any label can be attached to the Placard and when no longer needed, can be easily removed from the Placard – without scraping or scratching and most importantly, without leaving any sticky residue or shredded label behind. The Placard is meant to be permanently attached to the item. (chemical drum, wire basket, pallet, tote etc)

When you stick any label onto a metal or plastic surface the adhesive bonds very strongly, so when it comes time to remove the label it is extremely difficult. Typically paper labels tear and shred and you end up trying to pick it off which takes alot of time and effort. Or if you use a sharp knife, not only is it very dangerous you can damage the surface.

Peel off the label from the Placard easily. 


What form does the Placard come in?

The Placard comes in several forms:

  1. Board placard
  2. Container (label) placard
  3. Continuous roll with sticky adhesive
  4. Pouch & placard combined (to hold other documents as well)
  5. Sequential barcode placard
  6. Channel placard
  7. Magnetic placard


Board Container Rack Pouch Sequential Channel Magnetic
Board Placard Container (label) Placard Rack (Continuous) Placard Pouch & Document Placard Sequential Barcode Placard Channel Placard Magnetic Placard


What sizes does the Label Placard come in?

The board and label placards come in a range of sizes, the smallest being 127mm x 76mm (5” x 3”) to a massive 340mm x 178mm (13.5” x 7”).

The continuous rolls for shelves and racking comes in four widths (25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm) by 30 metre lengths.


What types of adhesives are available? 

There are seven grades of adhesive:

Container (Label) Placard Types & Durability Guide
Ultra Purpose outdoors/indoors excellent washing
All Purpose outdoors/indoors excellent washing
General outdoors/indoors excellent washing
Industrial good outdoors/indoors good washing
Utility limited outdoors/indoors limited washing
Economy limited outdoors/indoors limited washing
C0001 indoors wipe down


Can the Placard be used outdoors?

Yes. Use the right one for your conditions and environment.

How long has the Placard been around?

The Label Placard has been in reliable service in many countries for over 15 years. 2007 saw the launch of this product to the Australian market.

The Kennedy Group (USA) produces millions of Placards per month under Patents they hold.

1995 National Plant Engineering National Competition:
"Product of the Year" Award for Container Placard I.D. System


How It Works

Click to see image at full size - photos of the label placard in action Click to see image at full size - how to apply the label placard