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Barcodes in Manufacturing

Barcode Datalink can assist manufacturers with the implentation of barcode scanning and printing to make data collection easier and more efficient

If you manufacture you need to identify your incoming goods correctly. It's handy if your supplier properly labels and barcodes your raw materials. In this case you can simply scan the product code and key in the quantity. If the batch or lot number is also barcoded you can scan that as well. This makes receiving of goods more accurate and removes hand written forms and manual data entry later on.

Sadly, if your supplier is not up to date you might have to generate your own goods inwards labels. (We suggest you ask them to barcode the products with the information you need - we can help provide advice on what you need) While this might take you sometime and effort the benefits will flow on for you later on in the production process, in scanning goods out and stocktaking.

Having raw materials barcoded with the product code, batch and/or lot numbers correctly means that when you are manufacturing products you can easily scan the information to record what materials and  batch/lot numbers went into producing the product. This makes traceability alot easier to manage.

Printing a label when you have completed manufacturing the product and applying it now makes stocktaking and goods out alot easier. You can now scan the batch or lot number on the way out and know which customers received which batch. If you don't use barcodes your staff have to write this down on paper or key it in which is slow and time consuming as well as error prone.


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