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Weight of Mobile Computers & Barcode Scanners

Motorola Mobile Computers (MC) Range - what do they weigh



Motorola MC55 wifi version Motorola MC55 phone version

MC-55 with wi-fi - 300 grams           MC-55 with phone - 350 grams 



Motorola MC70 

316 grams - LAN, PAN

336 grams - LAN, PAN, WAN

400 grams - LAN, PAN, CDMA/EVDO, 2D Imager 

All have the standard battery installed.



Motorola MC75  

422 grams with a standard (1.5X) battery


MC3000 Series 

Motorola MC3000 series Motorola MC3000 series gun version      

379 grams                527 grams (550 grams with Bluetooth)

Both have Wi-fi, standard battery & 1D laser scanner

Imager brick version is 428 grams


MC3100 Series

Motorola MC3100 with turret rotating laser scanner Motorola MC3100 straight shooter imager scanner Motorola MC3100 gun (pistol grip) laser scanner   

                   384 grams                                                  424 grams                                          520 grams  

All include Wi-fi and standard battery.

Gun with Bluetooth weighs 555 grams.


MC9000 Series 

Motorola MC9090 brick laser scanner or 2D imager Motorola MC9090 gun laser scanner or 2D imager 

623 to 708 grams                                      709 to 800 grams

Depends on configuration and options, ie Bluetooth

Other models:

MC9060 Gun 800 grams

MC9094 Brick, includes WAN/LAN, Bluetooth - 700 grams


MC9500 Series 

Motorola MC9500K Motorola MC9500K Motorola MC9500K Motorola MC9500K   

Weighs only 623 grams with battery and stylus.


FR68 Series

Motorola FR68

Weighs in at 252 grams with the standard battery. 280 grams with the 1.5X battery.


FR6000 Series

Motorola FR6000 

345 grams


Janam Series

Janam XM65

Depending on options installed approximately 280 grams.


M3 from Mobile Compia

M3 Sky from Mobile Compia

Depending on options installed approximately 320 grams.


MC9000 vs MC3000

Motorola MC9090 gun compared to Motorola MC3090 gun 


MC70 v M3 v Janam v MC50

Comparison of Motorola MC70, M3 Sky, Janam XM65 and Motorola MC50 Motorola MC70 mobile computer with numeric keypad M3 Sky from Mobile Compia Janam XM Series mobile computer Motorola MC50 - use the new MC55

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* Please note pictures are not to scale and are for illustration purposes only.