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Most Popular Barcode Scanner

Most popular Motorola barcode scanner

Our top seller in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 was the Motorola LS2208 laser barcode scanner. 5 Million and counting....

Our biggest buyers of this Motorola LS2208 were government departments who use them to scan documents and files.

The next biggest market was small business who buy one or two for their point of sale counters in pet shops, liquor stores and clothing retailers.

The Motorola LS2208 has also found a place in distribution centres to scan Australia Post tracking numbers on parcels. When in the hands free stand the operator simply passes the barcode under the laser beam to record the barcode against the customer's invoice number (which also gets scanned).

The Motorola LS2208 comes with a 2.1 metre straight USB cable (or PS/2) and a hands free stand. The warranty is 5 years return to base. 


Second Place

The Motorola LS4208 which has raster scanning capabilities came in second. Slightly more expensive than the Motorola LS2208 the Motorola LS4208 is a far more aggressive barcode reader and can scan 2D barcodes. 

motorola ls4208 scanner