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Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet 1

Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet

Sleek yet Durable

The WLAN-enabled Motorola ET1 Enterprise tablet has a modern design with a strong backbone. Its elegant and durable design can endure tumbles, spills and temperature variations.

It's built with one purpose in mind - to make your enterprise ready for whatever the future holds and whatever your customers demand. So if you're searching for the right tablet for your managers and retail associates, you've found it!


Uninterrupted Work

While the Motorola ET1 offers the sleek styling of consumer tablets, it is all about business and ready to enable next generation customer service, associate productivity and manager efficiency. Every aspect of the device, inside and outsite, has been designed specifically to create a real enterprise-class tablet. The result is business-grade form and function.

Productivity at Your Fingertips

Get the job done with the Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet. Designed for multiple users, it can host applications that help managers assign and track tasks and access real-time customer-buying trends, sales history and inventory details. And with two cameras, workers can carry on video conversations to respond faster to business needs.

Show & Sell

Responding quickly and effectively to your customers' needs can make the difference between sales gained and sales lost. With the ET1 Enterprise Tablet's large screen and retail-friendly form factor, you're always ready to seize the moment. With third-party applications, you can guide customers in comparing products, locating their selections, and taking payment on the spot, transforming every opportunity into a sale that improves customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Integrated Device Management

Now you can truly integrate and manage a tablet device as a part of your device ecosystem.

Apps & Development Platform

Deploy the enterprise-grade mobile applications you need and improve your team's performance on the show floor or in the stockroom. And when developing your own applications, Motorola RhoElements web-based application development framework allow developers to build and customize applications and integrate them seamlessly across Motorola enterprise devices with different operating systems. 

  • Task Assigning
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Assisted Selling
  • Item Locator
  • Planogram ....capabilities (all require 3rd party applications sold separately)


Rock Solid Security

Make sure your customer, employee and company information is never compromised. The ET1 Enterprise Tablet offers unmatched security and encryption, for on-board and removable media, so your data remains safe.


Multi-User Experience

Designed for multiple users, now one device can provide a personalized workspace for multiple employees–based upon role and responsibilities. When users log in, the ET1 Enterprise Tablet provides them only with the information and applications they need to do their job.


Furure Expansion Capabilities

You can’t know what tomorrow will bring, but with the ET1 Enterprise Tablet, you can be prepared for it. Our integral expansion port extends the functionality of your tablet so you’re ready for the future.


For more information or to see a Motorola ET1 in action, contact Barcode Datalink today! (02) 9636-5299. Or complete the contact us form.

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