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Motorola MC55 Case Study Videos

Motorola MC55 Mobile Computer Case Study Videos

Motorola MC55 for the Mobile Manager

The Motorola MC55 gives the manager the ability to stay connected to your computer systems and access email, Word, Excel and take phone calls, sms all on the one device anywhere within the enterprise.

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Motorola MC55 for the Physician/Doctor

The Motorola MC55 (MC5590) wireless executive PDA allows doctors and nurses to scan patient wristbands and access patient data and update the permanent record in real time eliminating hand writing and paper based forms thus seeing more patients and providing better care.


Motorola MC55 in Postage Sorting & Scanning 

The Motorola MC55 (MC5590) wireless mobile computer improves the tracking of parcels by increasing visibility of items with accurate barcode scanning and higher throughput making your staff more productive and efficient. 


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