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Motorola Service from the Start

You didn't compromise when you bought a Motorola mobile computer!

Don't settle when you need to service one.

Motorola 'Service from the Start' (SFS) service contract agreement is recommended as part of your purchase when you invest in a Motorola mobile computer solution. Without the SFS you have the standard warranty which is 12 months on most mobile computers. An SFS will extend the warranty to 3 years and dramatically lower your total cost of ownership.

While Motorola will repair your mobile computer for you, Barcode Datalink's customers enjoy our support where we provide the front line support for spare equipment while yours is at Motorola getting fixed. This reduces downtime and the inconvenience of your staff being without equipment that they need to do their jobs effectively.

We keep a record of your configuration and settings and know your network and software so we can get the mobile computer back into operation quickly and without wasting hours of your time. Barcode Datalink is your backup IT department without the huge cost. Our aim is same day support for customers that need it.

Motorola Service from the Start brochure  Motorola Service from the Start


Something's gone wrong - what do you do?

If you have a mobile computer that just won't work and you have tried everything (or you know you have damaged it):

Step 1: call Barcode Datalink on (02) 9636-5299

If you need a spare mobile computer or access point out there now, we will endeavour to get it over to you. If for some reason we are unable to come out immediately, you can pick up the equipment from our office or send your own courier.

Step 2: send your faulty device or access point back to Motorola. Download and complete the return repair form below.

Step 3: Motorola will repair your device and send it back to you. When you receive your device back  send our loan equipment back to us please.


Motorola Repair Form  Motorola Repair Form 


Motorola Service Department

10 Wesley Court, Burwood East, VIC 3151, Australia

Tel: 1800-457-439

Fax: 613-9847-9303


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