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Stocktakes Online

Everyone dreads the stocktake. It's a slow and manual process to count your stock and get the data input and verified. For the last twenty years or so you could use a batch mobile hand held device to scan the barcode and key in the count downloading the data in batches every few hours. While this is an improvement over pen and paper there is an even better way to capture your stocktake data.

Barcode Datalink has developed 'StockTakes Online'. An online SaaS (Software As A Service) solution that combines Motorola RF mobile computers in real time to a secure online SQL database. View reports via a web browser in real time while your stock is being counted. See who is counting and who is taking it easy. See running totals and watch the variance report as your staff scan their way around the warehouse. See which bin locations haven't been checked yet. Read the STO logo.

Stocktakes Online - count your inventory faster with RF barcode scanners

Watch this video to see how easy RF barcode scanners can make capturing your stocktake data. 

Don't have your own mobile computers or barcode scanners? Don't worry - Barcode Datalink has over 100 mobile computers available for rental. Click here for Rentals


ScanTrack Systems - Warehouse Management System 

Do you want a simple way to know where your inventory is within your warehouse and be able to scan goods in and out in real time? Would you like to be able to print pallet or product labels with a Zebra mobile printer wirelessly from your hand held mobile computer?

ScanTrack Systems gives you the power to make a Motorola mobile computer and a Zebra mobile barcode label printer useful tools within your warehouse. Staff are more productive since they can label incoming goods as they receive them without having to walk backwards and forwards to the office for labels. Learn more - click on the STS logo.

ScanTrack Systems Warehouse Management System combining RF scanners and printers to an online database 


Product Re-ordering System

Do you have sales reps filling in paper forms and faxing them back to head office for processing? 

There is a smarter way. Using Motorola mobile computers with mobile phone functionality (including GPRS) you can now send and receive data in real time. It's fast, efficient and will make your sales representatives more efficient and they'll love you since they won't be bringing work home after a long day. Click on the MC55 to read more about this SaaS solution.

Product Re-Ordering System - Online SaaS Solution

DataDot - Serial Number Tracking SaaS Solution 

Are you applying DataDots to your serial numbered products and need a system to match the DataDot pin code to your serial number? Barcode Datalink has an online SaaS solution ideal for this application. It allows you to scan your Part Number and link the serial number & DataDot pin code for each product to an online database. Customers that register online via your company's website can have their serial number and DataDot pin code verified in real time. Read more...

Motorola MC9090 RF scanners capture DataDot information and save it in real time to the online database. Labels print out wirelessly onto the Zebra TLP-2844-Z network printer 


Wire Coil Tracking & Stocktaking

Since 2009 Barcode Datalink has clients tracking large coils coming into their production facilities. The coils have a barcode tag attached that includes a barcode that has the:

  • part number
  • coil number
  • weight in kgs

Using a wireless mobile computer the operator scans the coil into stock. As coils are taken from bin locations to be used to make new products, the coil is scanned out. For more detailed information click on the link below.

STS Wire Coils SaaS Solution