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Plastic and Aluminium Asset labels that last

Barcode Datalink has a range of asset labels that are available in plastic and aluminium with aggressive adhesive to stick onto your assets for the life of the asset. Depending on your environment and budget there is a label to suit most requirements.

Plastic Asset Labels

Our range of plastic asset labels are available in white, yellow and red with the text and barcode in black print. Plastic asset labels are ideal for indoor use in:

  • offices
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • government
  • military

Assets such as plasma tv's, beds, computers that have a smooth flat surface are ideal. Light cleaning is acceptable but if you intend to use commercial grade cleaning products and solvents on a regular basis then we strongly recommend aluminium asset labels.

Available sizes are:

Plastic Asset Label 30 x 6 30 x 10 35 x 15 48 x 15 55 x 25 67 x 27 100 x 34
Minimum Order Quantity 2000 2000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Maximum characters 6 6 8 13 15 20 32


Click on the image below to see a larger picture of the labels. They come in A4 sheet format.

Click to see larger image - white plastic asset labels 48mm x 15mm on an A4 sheet. Code 39 barcode Click to see larger image - yellow plastic asset labels 55mm x 25mm on an A4 sheet. Code 39 barcode   


Aluminium Asset Labels

Aluminium asset labels that we supply come in two types:

  • standard gauge 0.012"
  • foil gauge 0.003"

Foil gauge is thinner than standard gauge and comes in A4 sheet format with adhesive and is ideal for all indoor and some outdoor applications. 

For all indoor and outdoor applications we recommend the standard gauge aluminium label since it is available:

  • with or without adhesive
  • with or without mounting holes
  • supplied as individual labels in bundles 

Aluminium asset labels are better suited to regular cleaning, solvents and are more durable than plastic labels. 

Aluminium 32 x 10 38 x 19 44 x 16 44 x 19 51 x 16 57 x 16 57 x25 61 x 19
Maximum characters 6 9 11 11 14 16 16 18

Minimum order quantity is 1000 labels.

Various samples: please contact us and we can provide you with a pdf proof of what your asset label could look like.

32mm x 10mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive38mm x 19mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive44mm x 19mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive57mm x 16mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive57mm x 16mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive & rivet holes

57mm x 26mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive70mm x 35mm Aluminium Asset Label with permanent adhesive   

Related Information

A guide on how to apply asset labels successfully. Do not apply asset labels to dirty, wet or uneven surfaces since they will not stay on for very long.

Open this PDF to read about how to properly apply the asset labels to your assets  


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