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Welcome to Barcode Datalink – an Australian company providing
superior barcode scanning and printing solutions since 1991.
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What Barcode Solution are you looking for?                    DataDots will protect your barcode equipment and make sure you get warranty even if the serial number label has worn off                       

Make your next stocktake run
smoothly by using mobile
wireless barcode readers
Barcode Stock Control
Manage your inventory with
wireless mobile hand held
barcode scanners           
Barcode Inventory Management
Are you looking for a specialist barcode company to work with to make the implementation of barcode scanning and barcode printing systems easy, cost effective and add value to your business.

Barcode Datalink provides the right advice first, then the right barcode equipment for the job. We don’t supply the cheapest equipment since we know that will always cost you more in the long run.

With nearly 20 years experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t buy the wrong equipment that will become a very expensive paper weight!
Increase your sales by selling
your products in major retail
chains with EAN barcodes
Barcode Labels
A to Z of barcoding!
Everything you need.
One stop shopping 
Barcode Systems & Solutions
Add barcode scanners and printers to Pronto,
SAP & other ERP systems       
Barcode Integration
Increase the efficiency and
productivity of your business
with barcode scanners       
Barcode Scanners
 Motorola PartnerSelect authorized reseller partner Our Suppliers and Partners
 Zebra - Barcode Datalink has been supporting Zebra since 1991  Barcode Datalink has been supporting Datalogic products since 1991
 Seagull Scientific - Barcode Datalink specialises in BarTender software
We have everything you need in the one place, fully
supported, so let us provide you with the right barcode
solution to make your business more efficient in these
difficult times.
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your requirements
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