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There is a huge range of barcode label printers available - so how do you decide on what's right for you? 

Here are the common factors when choosing a barcode label printer:

  • Label size, width of the label
  • Direct thermal vs thermal transfer
  • Life expectancy of the label
  • Volume of labels to print per day/week
  • Environment, office vs warehouse vs heavy industrial
  • Print head resolution, 203 vs 300 vs 600 dpi
  • Print mode required, tear off, rewind, peel off, cutter 
  • Any special requirements, ie synthetic label stock
  • Connectivity, PC, AS-400, Unix, other
    • via USB, serial, parallel, ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Labels, tag stock or continuous media

We can provide you with any of the following types of direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode label printers:

Zebra Desktop Barcode Label Printers Zebra Mid Range Barcode Label Printers Zebra High Performance Barcode Label Printers Zebra Mobile Barcode Label Printers Zebra Card Printers  
Mid Range
High Performance


Check out our quick printing solutions guide to find the right barcode label printer sooner.

Zebra barcode label printer solution finder 

Zebra LP2844 Zebra TLP2844 Zebra LP2844-Z Zebra TLP2844-Z Zebra TLP3844-Z
Zebra GK420d Zebra GK420t Zebra GX420d Zebra GX420t Zebra GX430t
Toshiba B-EV4D Direct Thermal Desktop Printer Toshiba B-EV4T Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

  Mid Range  
Zebra S4M Zebra 105SL Zebra ZM400 Zebra ZM600 Zebra ZT-220 Barcode Label Printer
Zebra ZT-230 Barcode Label Printer

  High Performance  
Zebra 110 Xi III Plus Zebra 140 Xi III Plus Zebra 170 Xi III Plus Zebra 220 Xi III Plus

  Mobile Printers  
Zebra MZ 220 Mobile Receipt Printer Zebra MZ 320 Mobile Receipt Printer Zebra P4T Mobile Thermal Transfer Label Printer Zebra QL220 Plus Mobile Label/Receipt Printer Zebra QL320 Plus Mobile Label/Receipt Printer
Zebra QL420 Plus Mobile Label/Receipt Printer Zebra RW220 Mobile Receipt Printer Zebra RW420 Mobile Receipt Printer

  Card Printers  
Zebra P110i Colour Card Printer

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies Corporation was founded in 1969, and since that time has become a global leader in on-demand printer technology. Just recently they surpassed $1 billion in global sales.

We are a proud reseller of Zebra barcode label printers due to their reliability, quality and performance.

In addition to the label printers listed below we also provide the following:

Zebra Networking Products

Barcode label design & print software for Windows

Zebra thermal transfer ribbons to suit paper, synthetic and tag stocks

Zebra direct thermal and thermal transfer labels and tag stock

Zebra accessories

Zebra label printer service, support and repairs, return to base and onsite 


Which printer is right for me?

Desktop Printers 

If you have low volume printing requirements and typically will print less than 500 labels a day and don't want to spend a lot of money, then one of these label printers is for you. The direct thermal (no ribbon required) models are cheaper than the thermal transfer versions.  

They will all print you a label, so what is the difference between them?

LP and TLP 2844 models are EPL (Eltron Programming Language) versions.

LP and TLP 2844-Z models are ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) versions.

The G Series are replacing the LP/TLP Series over the next year.

All barcode printers are 203 dpi except the TLP-3844Z and the GX430t which offer 300 dpi printing (ideal for finer text or to print a 100% EAN-13 barcode).


Mid Range Printers 

When your labelling requirements are constantly growing and you can afford to spend a little more then these mid range label printers offer a lot of features at a competitive price.

The entry level is the S4M barcode printer that comes in two models - with or without the ribbon mechanism. Without the ribbon mechanism it is only a direct thermal label printer and cannot be upgraded in the future.

The ZM400 is by far the most popular thermal transfer barcode printer since it is easy to use, load and maintain. It now has a large easy to read display on the front and plenty of memory to handle all sorts of label designs with logos and images. The ZM600 label printer is identical but offers a wider print width of 168mm (6.6").

The Zebra 105SL is a true work horse in a tough steel casing and is ideal if you have a harsh or demanding environment and have to print a lot of labels each day.


High Performance Printers 

When you have serious label printing requirements and need a barcode printer that can churn out labels 24/7 then you have to consider an Xi Series printer. They are built and manufactured from superior materials and parts designed to provide many years of reliable service.


Mobile Printers 

Zebra have a wide range of mobile printers to suit your 'on the go' label and receipt printing needs. We have considerable experience in making these receipt printers work with mobile applications or assisting in integration of ZPL or CPCL programming as well as Bluetooth or RF (wireless) networking. We don't sell you a printer...we provide a mobile label printing solution!


Card Printers 

If you are looking to print ID cards for your school, gym, building site or workplace we have a Zebra card printer that will suit your needs. Single sided, double sided, with mag stripe, monochrome or full colour, with barcode, with RFID, we can help you.