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Motorola Wireless Networks & Access Points

Motorola wi-fi wireless networks 

Wireless LAN's (WLAN) have become faster, cheaper and easier than ever to install. More importantly connecting mobile devices and printers to these WLAN's is alot simpler as well.

Barcode Datalink recommends and supports Motorola access points (AP) and switches. We specialise in helping small to large businesses install a secure and fully operational wireless network.

Small Business

If you are a small business with simple requirements in most cases one access point will cover the area that you intend to work in wirelessly. We aim to place the access point in an easy to reach and safe place that provides coverage to your mobile workers in all corners of your office, factory or warehouse.

If you don't plan on moving for the forseeeable future, the Motorola AP5131 with single band radio (2 antennas) will meet your needs.

In most cases, just to future proof your investment, we install the AP-5131 with dual band radio (4 antennas). The dual band radio can be "meshed". This means that if you move to a larger warehouse for example, instead of having to cable to the second AP (which can be costly) we can get the cabled AP to talk wirelessly to the second AP. Thus extending the range of your WLAN easily.

Recommended Access Point - the AP5131 for indoor use

Motorola AP-5131 Access Point


Medium to Large Business

Barcode Datalink proudly installs and supports the latest wireless switches made by Motorola. For sites that require up to six access ports the Motorola RFS4000 wireless switch provides everything you need to have the fastest and most secure wireless network available capable of running up to 500 users. A starter kit is available that includes two dual band access ports with internal antennas, a rack mount tray and the RFS4000. To review a case study of a warehouse installation with six access ports click here.

In 2011 Barcode Datalink installed several large Motorola RFS6000 installations. These sites covered very large areas and one site was spread over two building. After conducting a professional site survey Barcode Datalink arranged for the cabling to be installed and the access ports were mounted in a weatherproof enclosure. Once the installation was complete we installed the RFS6000 into the network rack and configured the wireless network. One of the main reasons Barcode Datalink was chosen to supply the Motorola RFS solutions is that we carry in stock spare RFS4000 and RFS6000 switches and aim to provide a replacement within 2 to 4 hours should a failure occur. (Sydney clients only) For more information click here. 

Motorola RFS4000 Wireless Switch Motorola RFS6000 Wireless Switch
RFS4000 RFS6000


RF Site Survey

Barcode Datalink offers a complete RF site survey for our larger installations in which we test the RF at your location and provide a written report outlining:

  • number of access points or ports required
  • coverage area
  • problems areas or other issues
  • neighbouring networks
  • recommended mounting positions
  • additional power/data cabling required

For small businesses with one or two access points we provide recommendations based on past experience and only perform a site survey if you have concerns. A site survey is charged at a daily rate of $1400.00 ex gst.


Cheap Access Points 

Yes, there are cheap access points from $45 or so! So why pay more for a Motorola wireless solution. I get asked that question all the time..."I can go down the road and get one for under a $100.00". Yes, you can. If you want to use it at home, I agree, it's ideal for home use.

If you want to run your business on them, buy in bulk and keep a few spares. You are going to need them. Companies don't realise how dependent you become on a wireless LAN once installed and never have a plan in place when they fail. It's a mad panic and you can't call your local store and ask for help or a loan unit!

So your mobile workers are forced to down their mobile computers and return to pen and paper!

If you want to run a proper business and not spend time worrying about your wireless LAN, then a Motorola solution is the way to go.

I have tested various brands of access points against the Motorola AP5131 in particular and have come to the following conclusions:

  • Motorola AP's have a better web based menu
  • offer more features in general
  • adhere to IEEE standards

The most significant finding was the range, how far we could take a mobile device away from the access point and still stay connected. Some AP's just didn't have the signal strength and couldn't get through a few isles in a warehouse stacked with product. Don't think that because the standard Motorola aerials are only 14 cms long they don't go far. We had one client attach third party "extension" aerials onto the AP5131 only to find the range had decreased when compared to the standard aerials.

Overall, Motorola wireless network products provide reliable performance and coverage in a wide range of environments. One final point is that Barcode Datalink has spare access points ready to go in an instant. So if you don't have your own spare, use ours, it's all part of the service and our aim to minimise your downtime.

While investments in wireless technology can be considered by some to be costly, the overall and long term benefits to your business are many and varied. We pride ourselves in finding the most cost effective state of the art wireless solution for your business.

What we are most passionate about is working with, and helping, small to medium business’s improve efficiency through the use of wireless technology and mobile computers.

We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any requirements you have to determine ways in which we can help you.

Access Point Enclosure

AP-5131 in plastic enclosure

For warehouse environments Barcode Datalink supplies a plastic enclosure to house the access point. This keeps out dust, water and cockroachs and other insects that like to breed in warm places.

The clear front case allows you to see the lights on the top of the access point. 


Motorola AP-5131 Menu via Web Browser

Click to enlarge screen image of AP5131 main menu


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