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Design and Print barcode labels outside of Pronto

Pronto is an ERP system and to get it to print a label someone has to program that format or label design into Pronto, so that when you press a button, you get the label you want.

This is ok if you only have one or two labels but if you have alot of different label designs or are constantly adding new ones it is going to get expensive since everytime a new label format is needed you will have to call Pronto.

So how do you get the flexibility to design new label formats whenever you like and print them?

The answer is with BarTender Enterprise which includes the Commander software.

In the above example, when you pressed the print button within Pronto to print out that label, the software sent the data and the label format to the printer. It is hard coded into the software. If you want the label to look like this:

 you have to get Pronto to change the programming.


To use Commander what you need instead is to have Pronto place the data required into a file on a shared network drive. Commander will see the file and parse the data to the correct label design and printer.

So now you can design as many label formats you like, whenever you like in BarTender and create your own Commander tasks to process the data. You are now in control of what gets printed.

Don't worry if this sounds a little complicated. Pronto and Barcode Datalink have successfully implemented this solution at a number of clients and it works very well. To the user, it will appear seamless. They press a few buttons in Pronto, for example, to print out part number or production batch labels and a few seconds later, they print out.

Here are the most common Zebra barcode label printers that our Pronto clients use:

LP-2844Z TLP-2844Z ZM400 ZM600 


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