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Raster Barcode Scanner

Motorola Barcode Readers with Raster Laser Scan Engines

A raster laser scan engine is an improvement on the single line laser beam. When reading 1D (one dimensional) barcodes it improves scanning performance thus reducing the time it takes to scan a barcode. This is because more laser light covers more of the symbol and does not require the user to try and line up the laser beam as precisely as when using only a single line laser scanner.



The other advantage of the raster laser beam is that these scanners can read:

  • Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) barcodes


There are three Motorola hand held scanners that offer a raster scan engine. It is possible to switch between single line laser mode and raster mode simply by scanning a barcode out of the user manual.

LS4208 LS4278 LS3008
motorola ls4208 motorola ls4278 motorola ls3008


When you need a barcode reader that is more aggressive and offers raster scanning and RSS barcode reading the Motorola LS4208 suits a wide variety of environments from retail stores to light warehousing applications. A hands free Intellistand is available as an optional extra.



The Motorola LS4278 is an aggressive raster or fixed line laser scanner great for situations where a cable gets in the way and reduces your mobility. Ideal for retail applications such as hardware stores and scan pack applications in warehouses. With a range from the base of up to 15 metres and the ability to read all 1D and RSS barcodes this scanner is great value for money.



An industrial class barcode scanner that offers raster scanning in an IP53 sealing which means it can be wiped down and sanitized for clean manufacturing environments. With a 2 metre drop to concrete specification it is an ideal choice for more rugged applications.