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Barcode Datalink has plenty of barcode scanners available for short term rental ideal for your next stocktake

Symbol PDT-3100 Series batch mobile computer - ideal for stocktaking.

The Symbol PDT-3100 batch DOS based terminal. Still popular for simple data collection applications such as stocktaking. Available with 4 slot cradles and spare batteries.

We have 20 Symbol PDT-3100's available for daily rental. To make data collection easier we have a range of applications ready to go or we can customise a program to suit your particular needs.

Simple applications already exist for:

  • Scan Part Number, Key in Count 
  • Scan Bin Location, Scan Part#, Key in Count 
  • and many others
Symbol LDT-3805 Laser Data Terminal

The Symbol LDT-3805 laser data terminal. Pistol grip and ideal for data capture out in the warehouse. 8 available for rental. 

We have 8 units available for rental. The same applications that run on the PDT-3100 series will run on the LDT's.

All units have:

  • a minimum of 640 KB RAM (many are 1.1MB or 2.2MB)
  • laser scanner
  • 46 key keyboard (numbers separate to alpha's)
  • 8 line x 20 character display
  • Ni-MH battery

For customers renting multiple scanners we also have alot of spare batteries and the UBC-2000 4 slot spare battery charger.

All data collected is downloaded back to the PC via the cradle and a Windows application we have written to make the job easy called PD-Link. Off the shelf data collection applications come free with the rental of the hardware. We only charge for customised applications and a price is available after reviewing your specification. However, nine times out of ten an existing application will suit most customers needs.


Motorola MC-3090 pistol grip RF mobile computers

Barcode Datalink now has ten brand new Motorola MC-3090's for rent in RF mode when used in conjunction with our 'Stocktakes Online' solution. Collect data in real time wirelessly - no downloading.

StocktakesOnline - wireless stocktaking solution - The Smarter Way to Count  STS ScanTrack Systems is our online inventory warehouse management system delivered as a 'Software As A Service' 

Motorola MC3090 pistol grip mobile computers for rent with cradles and spare batteries

These MC-3090's have

  • a 1D laser scanner
  • 38 keys
  • Windows CE 5.0
  • colour screen 
  • BlueTooth
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g radio
  • Wavelink Telnet client

If you have Pronto, SAP or some other mainframe system these MC-3090's can be used to stocktake since they come pre-loaded with a Telnet emulation software package from Wavelink. (VT100, VT220 for Unix systems, TN-5250 and TN-3270 for AS-400's).


Don't have an Access Point!

No problems, Barcode Datalink now rents access points - the Motorola AP-5131 dual band radio version. Why this model? Since we can "mesh" them. Meaning we only need to wire one of them to your LAN and the others can be unwired - all they require is power. Reduces the time taken to get the network in place.

Motorola AP5131


Need to print some labels?

We have that covered too. We have some Bluetooth and RF QL-420 mobile printers available so you can label your products before the stocktake.

Zebra QL series mobile label printers with Bluetooth and 802.11b radios


Your bin locations aren't barcoded!

No problem. Simply send us an Excel or CSV file listing your bin locations and we can print them for you on our Zebra printers. For bin locations we have a range of synthetic label stocks.


 For more information or pricing, call us on (02) 9636-5299