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Retail Barcode Scanner

Motorola Retail Barcode Scanner

These barcode readers are ideal for retail point of sale applications and will enhance your checkout processing speed and increase customer satisfaction. No barcode is too hard to read for a Motorola scanner.

Corded Handheld Scanners

LS2208 LS4208 LS3008 DS6708
motorola ls2208 motorola ls4208 motorola ls3008 motorola ds6708


Hands free Presentation Scanners

LS7708 LS7808 LS9208 DS9808
motorola ls7708 motorola ls7808 motorola ls7808 motorola ds9808


Cordless handheld Scanners

LS4278 LS3578  LS3578-ER  DS3478  P370  P470 
motorola ls4278 motorola ls3578 motorola ls3578er ls3578-er ls-3578-er ls-3578er motorola ds3478 motorola p370 motorola p470