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Retailers have a huge choice when it comes to barcode scanners. Here are the things you need to consider when deciding on a barcode reader?

Motorola LS2208 hand held scanner. Comes with a hands free flexible stand Motorola LS9208 hands free scanner. Sits on your counter and has an omni-directional laser pattern so you can read any barcode from any angle Motorola DS6708 hand held imager scanner. 2D reader capable of reading any barcode from any angle. Intellistand makes it hands free scanning   

Quick Find-A-Scanner by Keywords or Pictures 


What barcodes are you trying to read?

Are the barcodes EAN or UPC (retail barcodes) from your suppliers or do you print your own?

EAN and UPC style barcodes are ideal for omni-directional barcode scanners (Omni-directional barcode scanners have many lines and the barcode can be read from almost any angle) whereas most single line laser scanners mean you have to line up the barcode.

EAN barcodes - they are "over-square" and each half is taller than the width of that half. This is why they scan so well from any angle with an omni-directional laser scanner. 

What computer system are you connecting the scanner to? A PC via USB. Or do you have to use keyboard wedge (PS/2, or PC AT/XT) or serial connection? 

How much space do you have on your counter? 

Would a handsfree scanner be more suitable? Or a hand scanner in a hands free stand?

Do you have to scan bulky items that can't be put on the counter? In this case a cordless scanner might be a better option.

How many scans would you do per day? Week?

What support do I expect if I only have one barcode scanner and it breaks or stops working?


Quality laser scanner = faster processing of customers = $more revenue$

The most important thing to remember in retail is the customer - they hate standing in line watching you try to read a barcode with an sleepy scanner - then give up and try keying it in - only to get it wrong and have to start again.

You can avoid these embarrassing moments by investing in a Motorola laser scanner. They:

  • are agressive and read barcodes very quickly
  • can read badly printed or slightly damaged barcodes
  • can read on curved surfaces (such as a can of soft drink or fly spray)
  • can read read through clear plastic


Motorola LS2208 laser scanner

This scanner is ideal for small business and single scanner installations. Small, lightweight, easy to install and use - suits video rental, chemists, bottle shops, clothing and any other retail stores.

  • low cost, entry level scanner
  • single laser beam
  • includes hands free stand
  • 5 year warranty
  • priced well under $300

Motorola LS2208 in hands free stand


Motorola DS9808 omni-directional laser scanner

This scanner is the latest offering from Motorola and offers very fast barcode scanning without having to line up the barcode meaning sales can be processed faster thus reducing waiting times in the queue. Futuristic design brings excitement to your sales counter. Kmart has rolled out this model.

  • high performance scanner
  • omni-directional laser beam
  • hands free use or pick it up to scan
  • 3 year warranty
  • priced around $700 to $800 depending on options

Motorola DS9808 - agressive scanning makes your checkout queues disappear! 

Motorola DS9808 Hybrid Scanner  


Motorola LS7808 In-Counter Presentation Scanner

When you don't want or need a hand held or hands free scanner but would like to mount the barcode scanner flush into your sales counter, then the LS-7808 is ideal. Suits clothing retailers, book stores and gift shops.

  • high performance scanner
  • omni-directional laser beam
  • takes up no space on your counter
  • 3 year warranty
  • priced around $700 to $900 depending on options



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