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ScanTrack Systems - PDA - Goods In

With the 'Goods In' function on the mobile computer, your staff can scan goods in and assign them to a consignment or purchase order number.

While receiving the Operator can also print labels on demand either to a mobile printer, such as the Zebra QL-420 or to a desktop printer such as the Zebra TLP-2844-Z or ZM400.

There are two modes of receiving:

  • blind
  • verified

Blind receiving allows the Operator to scan any product and receive it in against a consignment.

Verified receiving checks that the product has been ordered against that consignment and gives the Operator a warning for products that were not ordered and if the quantity is more than what was ordered.

Before you can use the mobile computer to receive a consignment, you need to create one in STS.

 on how to add a new consignment record to STS via the web application


Blind receiving of a product


Blind receiving of a product - several pallets - bulk mode


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