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ScanTrack Systems - PDA - Putaway

The putaway function is used to move products from the 'Goods In' bin location or staging area and put them into actual bin locations around the warehouse.

STS can show you bin locations that are empty as well as display any bins that already contain the product that you are trying to put away. This means you can group the same product in the same bin or close together bin locations. Doing this reduces the distance your staff have to travel and makes them more efficient.

Part 1


Part 2 


Part 3 - A product that has a serial number, but you are not tracking serial numbers for Putaways


Part 4 - A product has a serial number and you are tracking the putaway location, Ie. moving the product by Serial Number


When the listview is empty, the Operator will be returned to the main menu. Multiple users can putaway products at the same time.