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Barcode Datalink's aim is to be a "one stop shop" for your entire barcoding requirements. To be the one place you can get all the advice, products, services and after sales support. One phone call and it is sorted! For that reason we offer our customers the following value added services:

Try Before you Buy

Trying out equipment avoid costly oversights and makes sure the equipment you purchase adds value to your business. Barcode Datalink has a wide range of demo gear for most of the equipment that we supply from Motorola and Zebra.

Let us provide you with an example:

The MC-9090 is available with three different options in terms of the barcode reader. The standard range laser (a single line laser beam), the long range (LORAX) single laser beam and the area imager that can read 2D barcodes.

So which would be the best scanner version for your warehouse staff?

If you perform a lot of close range picking, the area imager might sound good since your staff don’t have to line up a single laser beam to cut across the barcode!

However, when you check out your product label and find 4 barcodes printed on a 102mm x 74mm label the imager will become hard to use as the laser light will cover all 4 barcodes, and despite best efforts aiming for the barcode you want, your staff will become frustrated with a lot of misreads i.e. reading the wrong barcode.

The same applies if you have large barcoded labels and do a lot of scanning from a fork lift, the better choice in this scenario would be the long range scanner.

It really makes good sense to ‘try before you buy’ to determine what is the best for you before you invest.

Free Consultation

For clients in and around Sydney we are happy to come to see your office or warehouse and discuss the benefits of barcode printing and/or scanning in your business.

Even though we are based in Sydney we will travel interstate to meet with clients, if you have a large scale project in mind.

Onsite Training

Barcode Datalink provides onsite training for all barcode scanners and barcode printers that we supply. Proper training means your investment is utilised correctly and efficiently from day one.

Your staff will be more confident with training and therefore should adopt the new procedures with less fear. This should also mean that they don’t make common mistakes that could potentially disrupt the system and cost you time.

Onsite Repairs

For Zebra printers we can offer onsite repairs for most common problems such as replacing damaged print heads or platen rollers. If we can't fix it or you know it isn't working then we can provide a loan printer.

Rental Equipment

Barcode Datalink has a range of batch and RF mobile computers available for rental for 1 day or longer, depending on your requirements. The most common purpose is for stocktaking.  

 For more information or pricing, call us on (02) 9636-5299


Label Bureau

Many clients don’t have an immediate need to purchase a barcode label printing solution due to low print volumes, so for small print runs we offer a label printing bureau.

You simply tell us:

  • The size of label you need
  • The type of label i.e. Matt, Gloss, Coloured, 1 across, 2 across, etc
  • What you need printed on the label
  • Quantity required

(Labels prices start from $45.00 per 1,000 labels ex gst).

We offer labels for products with an EAN-13 barcode – ideal to get your products into Coles and Woolworths so you can increase sales.

For bin location labels in warehouses we have a range of synthetic stocks that stick well and aren’t affected by water.

If you need to label your assets, we offer a wide variety of plastic and aluminium metal labels that are very durable and long lasting.

 For more information or pricing, call us on (02) 9636-5299


Card Bureau

Using the Zebra P110i plastic card printer we offer a service where you send us the data and we can print and send you customised ID cards, with or without a barcode, printed on an RFID card.

The card is the size of a standard credit card. Photos and logos can also be printed. These are full colour but if you only need a single colour we can do that as well. Just give us a call so we can discuss your requirements.


Barcode Datalink offers a consulting service where we can provide independent advice for your project,  where we have no vested interest. Fees vary depending on the kind of project, hours involved and whether we need to write a report with recommendations or findings.

Extended Warranty on Motorola hardware

Barcode Datalink supplies our Motorola hardware with 'Service from the Start (SFS)' which extends the warranty from 12 months (standard) to 36 months. If you have recently purchased some Motorola hardware from another supplier and have not been offered this, contact us within 30 days from receipt of the goods, and upon payment of the scheduled fee, you will have your equipment covered.

SFS is highly recommended since it greatly reduces your overall cost of ownership and covers most events except deliberate damage or theft. The SFS is cheaper than paying per repair.

Extended Warranty on Zebra printers

Barcode Datalink now offers an extended warranty on the entire range of Zebra printers that we supply. This changes the warranty on the printer from 12 months to 36 months. (Print head remains at 6 months). Covers normal wear and tear only. Call us for more details and pricing.