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Stocktakes Online Match Alternate Barcodes

The purpose of the 'Match' function is to allow you to relate your Suppliers barcode to your part number.

Here is a typical example. The product below has a part number printed on it 'WC7513' and this is our internal part number that we use in our accounting system.

Printed below our part number 'WC7513' is a barcode.

Scanning the barcode reveals that the data is '9319236923719'.

If we tried to do a stocktake now and scanned this barcode, the Operator would get an error message that the barcode number scanned in was not found.


To avoid this problem during a stocktake, well in advance we need to go around and match barcodes provided by our Suppliers to our internal part number. To do this is very easy using the mobile computer prior to a stocktake.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to do.


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