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The following hand held barcode mobile computers have been tested with Stocktakes Online (STO) and are guaranteed to work.

MC50 MC55 MC70 MC75

The Motorola MC50 mobile computer with Pocket PC2003. Small, lightweight and easy to carry ideal for the manager in the warehouse doing spot checks The Motorola MC55 wireless EDA is ideal for the manager to carry around the warehouse. The mobile phone version offers the ability to stay connected via GPRS to the STS or STO applications The Motorola MC70 is an EDA that offers all the features an executive, sales rep or mobile manager needs in the palm of their hand The Motorola MC75 is the latest EDA that offers even more features and power in the users hand. Windows Mobile 6.1 offers an even better user experience        


MC3090 MC3100 MC9090 MC9500

The Motorola MC-3000 series is a lightweight, easy to handle mobile computer ideal for a wide range of data capture applications The Motorola MC-3100 Series is the product refresh of the MC3000 series that now offers Windows Mobile 6.1 and CE6.0 operating systems with improved performance The Motorola MC-9090 Series is the tough and rugged mobile computer for demanding applications and environments. A trusted choice all over the world with over one milllion devices installed The Motorola MC9500K is the latest mobile computer from Motorola that now offers a host of new and exciting features - MAX performance    


FR68     FR6000 Janam *  M3 *      

The Motorola FR68 mobile computer is a phone, camera, barcode scanner and more all in one light, compact and tough device The Motorola FR6000 is an exciting new device offering all the features and options you need in a lightweight, tough and easy to hold device The Janam mobile hand held computer offers you an alternative to the Motorola range of products. Full of features and options the Janam comes in at a price that will fit almost any budget The M3 from Mobile Compia is a cost effective alternative that offers all the features you need including in-built RFID as an option  


* Janam and M3 are not made by Motorola



Pocket PC-2003

  • Motorola MC50
  • Motorola MC9060

Windows Mobile 5.0

  • Motorola MC70
  • Motorola MC9090
  • Motorola MC9090G

Windows CE 5.0

  • Motorola MC3090
  • Motorola MC3090G
  • Motorola MC9090
  • Motorola MC9090G

Windows Mobile 6.1

  • Motorola MC55
  • Motorola MC75
  • Motorola MC3100
  • Motorola MC9500-K
  • Motorola FR68
  • Motorola FR6000
  • Janam 

Windows CE 6.0

  • Motorola MC3100
  • M3 from Mobile Compia



Other brands of mobile computers that STO will run on include:

  • Cipherlab
    • 9300 series (Windows CE 6.0)
    • 9400 series (Windows CE 5.0)
    • 9500 series (Windows CE 5.0 & Pocket PC 2003)
  • Datalogic
  • Bluebird Pidion

Your mobile computer should have one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Windows CE 5.0
  • Windows CE 6.0
  • Pocket PC-2003 - is the oldest operating system we have tested (Motorola MC-50)

Ideally your mobile computer will have a wireless radio card and support IEEE 802.11b as a minimum.

For the most efficient stocktake your device should include a built-in barcode scanner and an easy to use keypad so that typing in the count is quick and efficient.



If you want to test your mobile computer that is not a Motorola device, please send us an email with the details of your hand held terminal. We would like to know:

  • manufacturer
  • model
  • operating system

We will send you a link to a CAB file which you should key into your device in the address bar of a web browser. The CAB file should download to your terminal and then you can install it. If it runs and the screen fits ok you should be able to log onto our test company.


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