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Stocktakes Online Overview

Stocktaking goes online, wireless and in real time

In the past all stocktakes were done with batch data collection terminals which meant after scanning for a few hours you had to download the data out of the device and save the file to your PC. If you were using ten mobile terminals each one had to be downloaded, then the data cleared from the device and handed back to the person so they could continue stocktaking.

The problems with this are the huge number of files that you then had to merge into one at the end of the day before you could use it and compare it to your main accounting system. If you had a problem with a batch scanner you could lose all the data and then you would have to go back and recount everything that you think you lost. All these headaches are over!

Real Time Stocktaking

Now with inexpensive and easy to install wireless networks and broadband internet online and real time solutions are becoming the most effective way to capture and manage data and get information quickly.

With Stocktake Online (STO) you can actually view reports online while the stocktake is in progress. You can see the data as it is scanned in. After an hour you can see how many scans each staff member has done and quickly identify staff that are hiding in the warehouse and just costing you money. 

First Time Users

If you are using STO for the first time there are a few things you need to setup first before you can start scanning. The two main things you need are:

  1. product master data, ie Part number, description, unit of measure
  2. bin locations

For a step by step guide on what you need to do including video tutorials and advice on stocktaking click here.


Once you have done the initial setup the data remains in the STO database unless you delete everything. So when you come back to do your next stocktake all you need to do is update the data (Ie, add new products or bin locations) instead of having to start from the beginning. 

Returning Users

If you have used STO before and left your data in the system you can create a stocktake and do your next stocktake. However, in most cases you would now have some new products and need to import them first.

The easiest thing to do is just import your entire product master list again. Any new records will be added while any that have changes will be updated.  

Scanning with a hand held mobile computer 

The fastest way to collect data is by scanning barcodes. The advantage of STO is that all data is verified. Unlike simple batch data collection programs, STO checks what the Operator scans into each field.

The 'bin location' field should be a valid bin location. STO will check this in real time. In a simple batch application the user could scan in a part number or key in a bin location that doesn't exist and you won't see this error until after you download the data and check it.


STO offers you several other features on the hand held mobile computer that you can do before you start a stocktake.

1. Part Number Checking (Product Verification)

Using the mobile computer the Operator can walk around the warehouse and scan product barcodes to make sure they are in the STO database. If a product does not exist and should the Supervisor can add it to the STO database via the web application. It should also be checked in the accounting system to make sure the record exists.

While checking part numbers, if the Operator needs to print a product or a pallet label they can if you have a Zebra mobile or desktop printer available.

 videos (includes sound/voice-over)


2. Match - alternative barcodes for your Part Numbers

The 'Match' functions allows your warehouse staff to add a link to your Suppliers barcode so whenever that is scanned your Part Number will be displayed to your staff.

This is useful since it saves you from having to relabel products with your part number.



3. Bin Location Checking

The bin location function allows your warehouse staff to walk around and scan the barcodes at the bin locations to make sure they are in STO. If they are not, they can add them then and there in real time.

If they cannot scan the barcode, they can key it in. If you have a Zebra printer connected to your local area network the Operator can print out a new label or to replace the damaged one. 



Reports - Everything you need to know about your Stocktake

Stocktakes Online offers you a variety of online reports that you can print and export to Excel or pdf format. The common reports available are:

  • scanned data
  • total count per product
  • products by bin location
  • products not scanned
  • empty bin locations
  • missed bin locations
  • total scans by Operator

If you imported an 'Accounting File' that contained your expected quantity on hand, STO will show you a variance report:

  • Part Number totalled v Quantity on hand in Accounting file and the variance
  • Detailed report which shows the variance and lists the bin locations where the part was counted

For clients that import the unit of measure and the cost price of each part number into STO, two additional reports are available:

  • variance by dollar value
  • total value of inventory counted



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