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Stocktakes Online Part Number Checking

Check your barcodes and part numbers exist before you start scanning in a stocktake

Stocktakes Online (STO) has a part number checking function on the mobile computer. This means your staff can go around the warehouse and check that the barcodes you intend to scan actually call up a product and description.

Before the Stocktake

Scanning a barcode will check that it exists in the STO database. If found, the description should appear on the screen.


If the barcode scanned was not found, it could be your suppliers code. In some case the barcode needs to be assigned to your part number. Doing this means you can scan your suppliers barcodes and display to the Operator your part number that they are familiar with.

If the barcode is your internal part number and it does not come up on the mobile computer, you will have to add it to STO via the web application.


During a Stocktake

During an active stocktake, scanning a barcode or keying in your part number will not only tell you if the part number is found, but will display the bin locations that the product has been counted in so far.


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