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Stocktakes Online Stocktaking with a Mobile Computer

Scanning your stock with a mobile barcode scanner is the fastest way to capture your inventory count 

Here are the videos topics in this section:


Scanning Stock - the basics


You can't enter in the wrong data!

The mobile application checks everything that the Operator scans or keys in and makes sure that only valid data is captured.


Editing a Count


Deleting a Count


Holding the Bin Location Constant

To hold a bin location constant simply tap on the open padlock icon to change it to a locked padlock icon. To allow the bin location to change each time, make sure the open padlock is visible.


Marking a bin location as Empty


Using the Calculator 

A handy feature is the pop up simple calculator. It is an inline calculator which means it works from left to right when processing a set of numbers.

Eg: 7+3*5 = 50

This is because the 7+3 is done first which equals 10, then multiplied by 5 to get 50.


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