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Stocktakes Online Wireless Access Points

You can use any wireless access point so long as your mobile computer connects to the wireless LAN

Barcode Datalink recommends the Motorola range of wireless access points. However, if you have Belkin, D-Link, Netgear or any other brand of access point so long as you can get your mobile computer connecting to the wireless LAN and ultimately connect to the internet, it should be ok.

Before using Stocktakes Online (STO) you should test the coverage of your wireless LAN and make sure your mobile device stays connected in all areas that you want your staff to count stock.

Any access point you use or want to buy should be:

  • IEEE 802.11 b compatible as a minimum (b/g radio preferable)
  • offer WEP encryption as a minimum
  • minimum 2 MBPS throughput
  • have an easy to use menu to configure the access point
  • offer DHCP server capability if you do not have a DHCP server on your existing LAN
  • provide adequate wireless coverage and reasonable signal strength throughout your office or warehouse 
Recommended Access Points

If you do not own an access point and have a small business or warehouse and need to cover one area then the Motorola AP-5131 is ideal. It can be configured as a DHCP server and provides coverage up to 50 metres in clear line of sight. (We recommend testing since every environment is different)


If you have a much larger area to cover or several adjoining warehouse buildings then we would recommend considering the Motorola Wireless Switch WS-2000. 


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