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Got a Barcode problem? We'll solve it. Now!

Barcode Datalink is very confident in the reliability of Motorola and Zebra hardware. However, when something does go wrong we know how important it is to get things fixed. That is why we carry loan equipment, spare parts and have the ability to react quickly to get you out of trouble.

 or call (02) 9636-5299 to speak to someone

Motorola or Zebra Hardware Problems

The best thing to do is just call us for immediate assistance over the phone. If we can't fix it we can lend you some spare equipment from our demo stock.

For online help, click on a button below for the hardware you have.




Software Problems

Usually software problems can be sorted out over the phone. To make it easier we use GotoMeeting. Using GotoMeeting we can take control of your PC and see your screen from our PC in our office. You can watch us while we explain what we are doing. This is great for training and fixing problems since it saves us from having to drive over and means we can fix the issue sooner.

For mobile devices that are still functioning we can use Soti Pocket Controller-Pro. We usually pre-load this software onto the mobile devices we supply. When the mobile computer is connected to a cradle via ActiveSync or wirelessly, we can take control of the device via GotoMeeting and resolve the issue.

Soti Pocket Controller Pro V6 Zip File

IP Address Tracker - how to find IP addresses for new Motorola access points or Zebra barcode printers added to your network



Motorola Software Products


How to warm and cold boot Motorola mobile computers


Microsoft ActiveSync V4.5

If you need Microsoft Active V4.5 for Windows XP you can download the setup.exe here.



Barcode Label Design & Print products


Zebra Software Products



 ZPL Programmers Reference Manual for Zebra printers

 CPCL Programmers Reference Manual for Zebra printers

 EPL Programmer Reference Manual for Zebra printers    


Online Training Videos

Recently we have started producing our own online videos explaining the features and how to use our range of mobile devices.

Here is a video on how to install YouTube on the Motorola MC55 mobile computer.


Onsite Support

When over the phone or online support won't solve the problem we are happy to come out and take care of the issue for you in person. Callout charges apply.

We’re only a phone call away, and as a growing, flexible business, you can count on us to respond quickly to your needs and provide support on the same day to ensure smooth operation of your business.

Online Support

We have provided some ‘Tips & Tricks’ and a ‘Glossary’ to help you with understanding the terminology used in the barcode scanning and printing industry. (coming soon)