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Wavelink Telnet Emulation for Motorola Barcode Readers

Wavelink Telnet Emulation & Wavelink Studio Com Software for Motorola Barcode Scanners

To download the telnet client for your Motorola mobile computer, click on the Wavelink logo below to go to the Wavelink website. After you register you will be allowed to download the file(s) you require. To purchase a license contact us (if you are in Australia). If you have a gun (pistol) grip version of a Motorola mobile computer the telnet client is already pre-licensed on your device.

Click here to go to the Wavelink website to download the telnet client software for your mobile device             Buy a Wavelink License for your Mobile Computer

Wavelink Telnet User Guide

The User Guide explains how to install the Wavelink application onto a mobile computer that does not have the software pre-installed such as the Motorola MC3000 or MC9000 Series brick scanners. Pistol grip or gun versions have the software pre-licensed. To download any of the Wavelink installation packages click on the Wavelink logo above.


Select your Motorola Mobile Computer
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Motorola FR68 Motorola FR6000            

See which Motorola mobile computers come pre-licensed and/or pre-loaded with Wavelink.

Motorola Pre-licensed Terminal Emulation Client Matrix



Motorola MC50



Motorola MC55

Motorola MC55 numeric keypad Motorola MC55 qwerty keypad




Motorola MC70

Motorola MC70 numeric keypad Motorola MC70 qwerty keypad




Motorola MC75

Motorola MC75 numeric keypad Motorola MC75 qwerty keypad




Motorola MC3000/MC3090

If you have SAP, Paxar VendorConnect, Pronto or any other ERP system where it is important to be able to press a function key with only one keystroke, then the 38 key keypad will be the best choice. The 28 and 48 key keypads require you to press the blue 'FUNC' key first, then let go, then press the appropriate key to get a function key. Therefore two keystrokes.

As you can see on the 38 key keypad, there are ten function keys, F1 to F10 available with only one keystroke.

If you choose the 48 key model you have to press the 'FUNC' key first, let go and then press 'A' for 'F1', 'B' for 'F2' etc and this slows down your workforce. The trade off with the 48 key keypad is that the alphas are easy to get to and the numbers are larger and at the top. If you need to do alot of alpha-numeric data entry this keyboard is always ready for alphas and numbers. The 28 and 38 key keypads are two state, either in alpha mode or numeric mode.

Motorola MC3090 28 key keypad Motorola MC3090 38 key keypad with 10 function keys Motorola MC3090 48 key keypad with separate numbers and alphas




Motorola MC3100

The Motorola MC3100 series is a product refresh of the highly successful MC3000/MC3090 series. It shares the same three keyboard options so click on the buttons above to get the keyboard map you need for your telnet client.


Motorola MC9000/MC9090

The MC9000/MC9090 series comes in three form factors:

  • short brick
  • standard brick
  • pistol (gun) version

The MC9000's we specialise in are the standard brick and gun versions and they have interchangeable keypads which come in 28, 43 and 53 key versions. To change keypads you simply undo the two philips head screws at the top of the keyboard, slide the keypad down and lift it up to swap it over. Warm boot after installing the new keyboard for it to be recognised by the MC9000. MC9060 keypads do not fit onto the MC9090 or vice versa due to the slight difference in shape.

For applications where you want one keystroke to access a function key you should choose the 43 key keyboard.


Motorola MC9090 28 key keypad Motorola MC9090 43 key keypad with separate function keys Motorola MC9090 53 key keypad with separate numbers to alphas


If you have an MC-9090 with Windows CE5 or greater and a 53 key keyboard:



The MC9000 series is available with a special keyboard with Telnet VT100/220, 3270 or 5250 emulation markings embossed on the keypad.

Motorola MC9090 53 key keypad with separate numbers to alphas - special imprints for 3270 emulation Motorola MC9090 53 key keypad with separate numbers to alphas - special imprints for 5250 emulation 



Motorola MC9500K

The Motorola MC9500K series is the product refresh for the MC9000 series that has been Motorola's most popular hand held mobile computer worldwide. The Motorola MC9500K series has four new keyboard configurations. Wavelink have covered the numeric key and the alpha key configurations.

Motorola MC9500K calculator numeric keypad Motorola MC9500K alpha numeric keypad

Motorola MC9500K telephony numeric keypad Motorola MC9500K alpha primary keypad   




Motorola FR68

The Motorola FR68 only has a Qwerty keyboard.

Motorola FR68 keypad 


Motorola FR6000

The Motorola FR6000 series only offers a numeric keyboard.

Motorola FR6000 keypad 


SSH (Secure Shell)

Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol developed for transmitting private information over the Internet. SSH encrypts data that is transferred over the Telnet session. The Telnet Client supports SSH version 1 and 2 and will automatically select the most secure protocol that the SSH server supports.  

To download the X86 SSH support package go to - the select downloads from the menu. From the 'Wavelink Product Downloads' section on the right of the screen, select 'Emulation SSH' from the drop down combo box. Download the appropriate file(s) for your situation.

Wavelink Telnet Client 5.11 SSH Support - this document describes how to install and configure SSH support in Wavelink Telnet Client.


Wavelink software test plan - more information and a step by step guide on configuring SSH.



Microsoft ActiveSync V4.5

If you need Microsoft Active V4.5 for Windows XP you can download the setup.exe here.


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