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Barcode Scanners | What Men Prefer

Motorola pistol grip (gun) mobile computers!

Our experience has been that when given the choice between the MC3000 series and the MC9000 series men seem to instantly prefer the more industrial MC9090 pistol grip scanner.

Despite the weight difference men believe that the scanner will get dropped, fall off the forklift accidentally and therefore want a tougher unit.

There are two other points that deserve mention and they are:

  • the MC9000 has a larger screen than the MC3000/3100
  • the keys are larger

This is important to users since some have issues with eyesight and some men have very large fingers so they find the smaller keys fiddly and difficult to press (they press several) and this slows them down. 

Motorola MC3090G (with 28 key keyboard) Motorola MC3090G Motorola MC9090G with 43 key keyboard Motorola MC9090G - well balanced despite being heavier than the MC3090G  

Left two photos are the MC3000 series. Right two photos are the MC9000 series.

MC9090 gun vs MC3090 gun  

The MC-9090 gun on the left weights 800 grams compared to the MC3090 gun (right) which weighs 550 grams. As you can see the colour screen size on the MC3090 is slightly smaller. The keypad shown on the MC3090 is the 28 key numeric keyboard with larger numbers. The keyboard shown on the MC9090 is the 43 key version with the function keys easily accessible with one keystroke and the larger number keys below with a large enter key button.

Motorola MC9000 series drop test durability videos

In this video an MC9000 series mobile computer is used like a hammer! Kicked, thrown into the air and it just keeps on working. (1:32)


In this short video the MC9090 brick is thrown off a building and then run over by a pick up truck! Finally it is given a swim in a pond. (1:42)

Set to the theme music of "Mission Impossible" these guys decide to throw the MC9000 out of a speeding Porsche. Titled "Destruction Impossible" was made by (3:00)


If you still aren't convinced about the durability of the MC9000 series, then watch this video. An MC9000 and an Intermec scanner are dropped from 85 feet/26 metres onto concrete! See which one still works after this astonishing drop test. (4:02)


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Please note: these are general comments based on past experience, our observations and feed back from customers. Ultimately it comes down to a consensus, budget and finding the right mobile computer for the task and the environment.