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Wire Coil SaaS Solution

Wire Coil Tracking SaaS Solution

Wire Coils - now you can track them using a Motorola mobile computer Wire Coils - now you can track them using a Motorola mobile computer

Barcode Datalink has written a SaaS (Software as a Service) based mobile scanning solution to track and manage your wire coils.

ScanTrack Systems Wire Coils tracking solution has two parts:

  1. a web based front end management interface - to review data and reports
  2. a mobile 'app' for the mobile computer

 STS Wire Coils Web Interface

From this web interface the manager can:

  1. 'Products' - add/edit part numbers and descriptions
  2. 'Locations' - add/edit bin locations within each Site
  3. 'Search' - search for part number, material number or by coil number - select 'Coil Received' or 'Coils Consumed' reports by date or date range
  4. 'Reports' - view reports and export to PDF or Excel
  5. 'Maintenance' - add/edit Users, Sites, Location Types, Units of Measure, Customers, Suppliers, Categories

The mobile app has been written for Windows CE mobile computers. This example is running on a Motorola MC9090G or MC9190G with Windows CE 5 or 6.

What You Will Need
  1. A PC or laptop connected to broadband internet.
  2. An STS monthly subscription to use STS Wire Coils Tracking SaaS solution.
  3. A wireless LAN in the warehouse.
  4. A mobile computer such as the Motorola MC9090G series.

Motorola Access Point Motorola MC9090G Mobile Computer 


The Mobile App - Wire Coil Scanning in the Warehouse

The quickest and most efficient way to capture data in real time is to use an industrial hand held mobile computer. The Motorola MC9090G is an ideal choice for rough and tough warehousing applications.

Log in Screen:

STS Wire Coils Log in Screen on the MC9090G 

Once you log in, you are shown the main menu:

STS Wire Coils Main Menu Screen on the MC9090G

Scan Coils In: first scan or key in the purchase order reference number:

Key or scan in the Purchase Order reference number 

Now scan the coil barcode. Typically this barcode should be a long barcode that includes the part number, the coil number and the weight in kgs.

Scan in the Coil barcode Coil scanned in and saved to database 

If the barcode is the correct format, our program will split the data into the right fields and save the record to the STS database in real time over the wireless LAN.

Back on the PC, the manager can see what has been scanned in today: go to 'Search' and click on the 'Search' button - default is all part numbers and 'Coils Received' on the current system date:

STS Wire Coils search box in the web browser 




 If you want to find a particular part, material or coil number, type it into the search text box.



 Now select the search type from the options here.



 Click on 'Coils Consumed' if you want to see what has been used.


 The current date is the default. To select a date range or go back in time, change the start date.



 Then click on 'Search'











The results are displayed on the right of this panel:

Wire Coil search results



Currently there are three reports available:

STS Wire Coil reports

Select the report that you want to view. Now select the date range. The default is todays date.

Click on 'View Report'

STS Wire Coils Received Report


For more information or a demonstration, or perhaps a site visit to an existing client, please contact Barcode Datalink.