Bluetooth Mobile Printing Software

Bluetooth Mobile Printing Software

Barcode Datalink specialises in making a Zebra mobile barcode label printer (or receipt printer) print from a Windows Mobile or CE mobile computer, such as the Motorola MC range of mobile hand held data capture terminals. (If you have a Datalogic, Cipherlab, Intermec or other Windows Mobile device we can help you too)

So if you want one of these barcode scanning Motorola mobile computers:


MC55 MC70 MC75 MC3000 MC3100 MC9000 MC9500K

…to print via Bluetooth to one of these Zebra mobile label or receipt printers:


QL220 Plus QL320 Plus QL420 Plus P4T RW220 RW420

…producing a label or continuous receipt like:

…then contact Barcode Datalink. We write custom Windows Mobile barcode data capture software applications that work and are easy to use.

Zebra QL Series of Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Label Printers

The Zebra QL series of Bluetooth barcode label printers are ideal for a range of mobile label printing applications including:

  • utilities
  • field service
  • warehouse
  • logistics
  • delivery
  • queue busting
  • retail shelf & product labelling
  • and many more mobile printing applications

The Zebra QL series has three direct thermal models (no ribbon required), the:

  • Zebra QL220 Plus
  • Zebra QL320 Plus
  • Zebra QL420 Plus

which cover the print widths from 2″ (50mm), 3″ (75mm) and 4″ (102mm).

The Zebra QL series can also print on continuous direct thermal receipt paper. 2″ (50mm) wide receipt paper Part#: LD-R2KH5B

If you require longer lasting labels then the Zebra P4T offers thermal transfer label printing with a ribbon.

Our preferred programming language for the Zebra QL series is either ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) or CPCL. You can use BarTender to design a label and export the ZPL code of the format. This saves you a lot of time from having to write ZPL code manually.


Example of a Simple Batch Data Collection Program with Zebra Bluetooth Receipt Printing

In this example we had a customer come to us who needed to capture the amount of fuel and oils added to plant and machinery out on a building site. Barcode Datalink was given a Cipherlab 9400 mobile terminal that has Wi-fi and Bluetooth. The mobile receipt printer that we recommended for this simple application was the Zebra RW220 Road Warrior Bluetooth receipt printer.

Since this is a batch data capture application, before the operator leaves the office for the day they must copy some files from the PC onto the portable barcode reader. These CSV text files are imported into the SQL database on the mobile computer. The records collected are saved to the database and later that day the data is exported to a CSV file and then copied back to the PC for processing. In this video we show you a simple form based data collection application. When the record is saved a receipt (just like the one above) is printed via Bluetooth on the Zebra RW220.

Barcode Datalink can also write custom batch data collection programs for you based on your exact specifications that print via Bluetooth to any Zebra printer. Other brands of mobile computers that we have had experience with over the years include:

  • Datalogic
  • Cipherlab
  • Janam
  • Mobile Compia (M3-Sky)
  • Intermec

While we always stock Motorola mobile computers we can supply and support any of these brands as well. If you have some other brand as long as it has Windows Mobile 5.0/6.X or Windows CE we can write software in VB (Visual Basic) or C#.


Zebra RW Series of Mobile Bluetooth Receipt Printers

The Zebra RW Series of mobile bluetooth receipt printers are ideal for printing receipts on direct thermal paper anywhere you need a receipt in a hurry. The Zebra RW220 can print up to 2″ (50mm) wide receipts while the Zebra RW420 can print 4″ (104mm) wide receipts.

To program the Zebra RW Road Warrior series from your Windows Mobile or Windows CE VB or C# software application we recommend using the CPCL Programming Language. Download CPCL Manual.

The Zebra RW Road Warrior printers are easy to wear on a belt or can be worn around the shoulder with a strap. The Zebra RW420 can be mounted along with a Motorola MC70/MC75 or Motorola MC9090S (Short brick) into a ‘Route Palette’ for more convenient handling and charging through one single source.

Which Zebra Bluetooth Printer to Use?

Which Zebra Bluetooth printer should you invest in for your application? My answer to this question is based on the answer to this: What do you want to print? Labels or Receipts?

If you want to print out receipts I would recommend the RW220 if a 2″ (50mm) wide receipt will do the job. The Zebra RW220 is small, compact and durable enough for most mobile receipt printing applications. We have them installed out in the hot fruit picking fields of NSW and Victoria on blueberry and strawberry farms. They are used all day long in hot and dusty conditions seven days a week.

Implement the Zebra RW420 is you require a wider receipt or want to equip your mobile staff with the ‘Zebra Route Palette’.

For label printing applications the Zebra QL series is recommended. Select the model based on the widest label you need to print. Don’t just consider now, think about the future and if you think you might like to print wider labels soon invest in a larger printer now. You can always print smaller labels in a Zebra QL420. You can’t print 4″ x 6″ (102mm x 150mm) SSCC labels in a Zebra QL220. Future proof your investment by considering that your needs for barcode labelling will grow once you implement a Zebra Bluetooth printing solution.


Zebra White Papers On Bluetooth & Mobile Printing

Bluetooth: Why it Improves Printing & how to take Advantage


Read this white paper on Bluetooth to learn more about:

  • what is Bluetooth
  • why use Bluetooth Zebra mobile printers
  • use cases: printing from mobile computers, forklift mounted, vehicle mounted

The main points to come out of this document are:

1. Getting rid of a cable between the mobile computer and the Zebra printer means:

  • less cost, no frayed cables to replace or damaged connectors
  • less chance of injury to your workers from getting entangled in a cable,
  • more reliable equipment since the cable, which is the weakest link, is removed
  • lower running costs

2. Time & motion – labelling a pallet takes 42% less time (28.11 seconds compared to 49.74 seconds) when belt-worn mobile printers are used to eliminate the short walk to a central printing station


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