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Barcoding In Hospitals | Barcode Hospital Australia

Hospitals in Australia are struggling to cope with demand and an ageing population. Everyday they are asked to do more with less resources and money.

To save money you sometimes have to spend money. Motorola and Zebra offer a range of barcode scanning and barcode printing solutions to help reduce medical errors, improve patient safety and enhance caregiver productivity.

Please review these videos to see how a barcode scanning and/or barcode printing system might help your hospital improve.

Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre implements Motorola wireless Barcode Scanning

Unchain your caregivers from the nurse’s station and give them the freedom to access information in the palm of their hand while on the move. You’ll never want to use pen and paper again.


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Motorola MC70 Beside Dosage Administration

See how using a hand held Motorola mobile computer connected to real time information can improve patient care and reduce medical errors.

Motorola Mobile Computers & Wireless Networks in a Thailand Hospital

Motorola installs over 300 access points to cover two former hotels that have been converted to hospitals.

Motorola Application Briefs
Motorola Healthcare Portfolio-at-a-Glance

Read more about the entire range of Motorola mobile computer, Motorola barcode readers & scanners and wireless infrastructure that is designed to meet the needs of healthcare environments. Read more…

Applying Mobility to Improve Patient Safety

Hospitals all over the world are faced with a major issue — how to reduce the errors that take place every day — errors that are measured not just in dollars, but also in harm to patients.

Motorola offers powerful enterprise mobility solutions that place all the tools healthcare workers need in the literal palms of their hands — tools that not only provide the double and triple checks necessary to dramatically reduce errors, but also significantly improve productivity by eliminating manual paper-and-pen based, error-laden processes. Read more…



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