Motorola MC70-MC75 Snap On Payment Module

Snap-on Mobile Payment Module for the Motorola MC70/MC75

Add this snap on credit card reader to your Motorola MC70/MC75 GPRS mobile computer and increase sales by accepting credit card payments while out on the road, at sporting events, festivals and anywhere else you might happen to be! Don’t let a customer not having cash on them lose you a sale.

Expands mobile computer into a point of sale for virtually any payment card, anywhere

The Motorola Snap-On Mobile Payment Device with Chip and PIN turns Motorola’s MC70 or MC75 mobile computers into an instant point of sale (POS), enabling employees and associates inside and outside the four walls to improve service, productivity and sales in retail stores, hotels, car rental agencies, package delivery routes and more. With secure wireless LAN (WLAN) and wireless WAN (WWAN) the module can connect to EFT and merchant clearing applications, CRM and other backend systems that are compliant with PCI, PED, EMV and industry regulations. This versatile three-track device with Chip and PIN allows workers to process Chip and PIN-based credit and debit cards as well as credit, debit and loyalty cards with a magnetic stripe in real time for on-the-spot payment processing and more.

The open-standards Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platform offers ease of integration and the ability to easily port existing applications to the device quickly and easily, minimising deployment time and cost, as well as protecting your existing application investment. The snap on module can be used either online or offline to increase transaction speed.

Key features and benefits include:

Versatile Performance
Can be used online or offline and employs a bi-directional three track magnetic stripe reader to process virtually any credit or debit card with Chip and PIN technology as well as credit, debit or loyalty card with magnetic stripe. Required PIN entry decreases payment card fraud.

Compliant with PCI PED 2.1 and EMV regulations to protect sensitive consumer financial information.

With wireless LAN (WLAN) and WAN (WWAN) connections to EFT and merchant clearing and CRM systems, turns mobile computer into point of sale virtually anywhere.

Rugged Design
Meets and exceeds MIL-STD 810G standards including multiple 4 foot drops to concrete at room temperature to ensure the device will handle everyday bumps and drops, indoors and out. Tested to withstand over 500,000 card swipes.

Microsoft ® Windows Mobile® Operating System
Easily port data and applications to integrate into an existing system for rapid deployment and maximum value. Compatible with MC70 and MC75 mobile computers running WM5, WM6 or WM6.1. Works with MC70 and MC755 running WM 6.1

Snap-On Architecture
Expand existing MC70/MC75mobile computers quickly giving employees ability for payment processing, identification information collection and inventory audits in a single solution, eliminating the need for multiple devices.

Snap On Specification Sheet


Snap On Module Application Brief


Works with the Motorola MC70, MC75 and MC75A. Click for more information.

This side faces the staff member so that they can swipe the credit card. When they hand the Motorola MC70/MC75 over to the customer the unit is turned around so that the customer can key in their pin without the sales staff seeing the input.

U-Haul Case Study Video

This video shows you how the Motorola MC70 can be used for multiple applications within the one business. The Motorola MC70 has Wi-fi, GPRS, barcode scanner, camera and mobile phone all in the one device. With the snap on module to take mobile credit card payments U-Haul has reduced payment processing costs by 90% and improved the speed of customer service.


Need to Print a Receipt on the Spot?

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